November 4, 2007

Our little Turkey + a little surprise

Asher was dressed for his 1st Halloween all day long. From the moment he woke up in his jammies... his "Baby's First Halloween" onsie that was handed down to us from my cousin's son...isn't it so cute?

And, of course, we had to carry on the "Seewald Baby's 1st Halloween" tradition that Reid started 6 years ago...poor baby didn't like sitting in that slimey pumpkin.

He's such a texture boy. He doesn't like to touch anything that's gooey or slimey. His favorite food is a banana, but if I cut it up, put it down infront of him, and let him feed himself...this is how he eats it. He will find a way to eat it without touching the icky stuff.

Finally, he warmed up to the pumpkin...but quickly held his hands up after we got a few pics and was ready for us to take him out.

On Sunday night, we were sitting at the Brieger's and didn't know what we were going to dress up as for Halloween, when Duane gave us the idea to be a pilgrim, indian, and turkey. It was so much fun! (Thanks to Larra and Emily for helping me make my costume...ha!)

So, for those of you who have been hanging with me this whole post waiting for the surprise...we have another little turkey baking in the oven! We just found out last week so I'm only about 5 weeks along. And will be due right around our third anniversary! The new baby and Asher will be 18 months apart!

Some other shots of our darling little turkey!