July 18, 2013

Five year Fairytale Shoot

My friend, Lynsey, tagged me in this pin quite some time ago to show me not only how much this little girl looked like McKlayne, but also to tell me how much she thought she'd like this fairytale-like shoot. And, boy, does she know my girl.

Like most things in my life, it only took me almost two years later to actually get around to it. I wanted to do this over a year ago but with 'twin' one year old walkers, I just didn't seem to have the energy. Her five year old pics were just the occasion!

My girl loves to pretend, so we took the pinspiration, grabbed some of her favorite dress-up clothes and ran with it. McKlayne is almost always either in character or trying out a line she's heard on tv...so this was really fun--for both of us. I loved watching her so naturally come alive in this shoot.