October 21, 2010

Our version of the Warhol Dress

Last year after Halloween I bought 4 women's t-shirts that we're clearanced 80% off at Target.  I knew that my sister and I could make some cute Halloween dresses for our girls out of them.  (Poor boys, just aren't as fun to sew for!)  When I was in Boerne last week, my sis came down and brought her serger with her so we could get busy.  We used Dana's FREE Warhol Pattern to make the girl's dresses.  

These were the simplest dresses I've ever made.  Of course the first one took us about 1 1/2-2 hours to make, but the next morning we completed 3 more in that same amount of time, once we actually knew what we were doing.  (Ave, who has dubbed herself the non-crafty sewer, even helped in the dress making process!  It is our mission to teach her one day, folks!)

You don't HAVE to have a serger...you can just use a regular ol' sewing machine.  The serger just makes it sturdier.

McKlayne (our once horrid picture taker) has become quite the little camera ham in the last couple weeks.  Let's hope this sticks...

After I'd taken her picture, she said, "Take one with me, Momma...."  How could I resist that bossy little thing?

I will add pics of my niece's dresses once my sisters send theirs to me.  We didn't get a cousin pic of them all together!

(Let me know if you make one for little girl in your life!!)

October 19, 2010

Want to see what we've been up to?

Sorry...no time for belly shots/pregnancy updates.  We've been busy little bees around here.

A couple nights ago, I saw this on a blog.  Have you ever heard of 'Booing"?  I hadn't.  We decided it would be a fun tradition to implement.  If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know how much we just LOVE Halloween!

And, I'm always up for something creative or crafty to do with my kids.  Especially something that serves to bless others.  I want my kids to know how much it is always more of a blessing to give than to receive.  My hope is that one day this will translate to Gospel-ministry in their lives.

So, I fell in love with this idea...and totally replicated it!  (You can replicate it, too, that's why I'm passing it along!)  It was really simple and cheap to do since I already had most of the supplies.  To make 4 different buckets to give to friends, it cost me $12.  You don't have to make multiple, just start with one if you'd like! I just thought it would be fun to get this tradition hopping between our friends/neighbors.  Cindy also has just used a cone, before, too.

I grabbed my girl and we went to get a few supplies (the buckets, M&M's, and taco coupons) while I put the boys to work tracing and cutting the mask template.  (I got the jack-o-lantern buckets from Target for $1 each.)

Cindy was so generous to share all of her ideas and hard work. The black cat mask template is here.  I also found the idea for these cookies on her site, under the Halloween archives, as well.

Then we got to work decorating the masks for our little goodies.

Fortunately, Asher and McKlayne also adore all things artsy-craftsy.

Even Big Daddy was in on it.  While the glitter glue was drying the kids took a bath.

Then we filled the jars.

McKlayne pretty much just struck the glass with a spoon and sang jingle bells the whole time.  She is quite the little singer these days.

Asher was happy (and very quick) to help rescue any stray M&M's.

All the printables and instructions to create these M&M cookies are here.  (Thanks, Amy, for sharing! You are so talented.)

I love that the recipients of these jars are supposed to mix up them up with their hands.  How fun for kids!

You need a quart size (32 oz) jar for these.  I would recommend the wide-mouth lids if you have the option...especially if kids are helping fill them.  It gets messy.  (I had two of each.)  The lid toppers are McKlayne's favorite part.  Any time she sees these she says, "Oh, I love that little birdie!  He's so cute!"

And this is my favorite part.  Maybe because I'm a mom and this means FREE lunch (or dinner) for the recipients.  Did you know that Taco Cabana has been offering these Tac-o-Treat coupon books the last several years for Halloween?  For $1, you receive 5 free coupons for bean and cheese tacos!  So, it's a great alternative to candy...or, if you're like me, you go buy $10 worth and have a ton of lunches/snacks when we're out and about/dinners "made" for the month of November.  You can redeem these the whole month of November.

Cindy posted the poem she wrote on her blog.  I changed just the last couple lines:

Am I jack or a cat that has come to say “BOO”?
All dressed up with treats for you!

Please fill me up with treats galore
And take me to your friends front door!

Sit me down, then push the bell!
Run real quick so no one can tell.

I need to move from friend to friend,
Before Halloween comes to an end!

So, let’s get busy and let the “booing” begin!

If you want to download this, since I had to make it on the computer, it's already in a 4/page pdf file here. (Hit refresh if you don't see it the first time.)

So...don't you want to make some?  It can be simple.  It can just be candy.  There is still plenty of time!  We just started ours last night.  And we're delivering them this evening.  (I am pretty sure that the families that we're taking them to don't read our blog..or at least regularly, anyway.)

If you decide to start the "booing" in your neighborhood/amongst your friends, then let me know! Or, if you get "boo-ed" let me know that, too!

October 7, 2010

Friday Funnies

McKlayne and I were driving in a "scary part" of downtown Bryan.  A man with a red bandanna on his head and huge hoop earrings pulled up beside us....just staring as he's hanging out his window.

I sped up so we didn't have to be right next to each other on the street.  (He was creeping me out.)

In the most excited voice, McKlayne said, "Look, Mommy, a pirate!!"


We were leaving the park last week and Asher was telling his friends goodbye.  He kissed Taylor Joy on the cheek as he gave her a hug (not quite sure how Pastor Allen will feel about that one...) and, not to be left out, Beckett insisted on a kiss, also.  Reluctantly, Asher gave him one.  Except it was on the mouth.

As we were walking home, Asher said, "Beckett, gave me a watermelon kiss.....I can't believe it."

Me: Oh yeah...what's a watermelon kiss?

A: You know, a really juicy one.


We were sitting at the table eating breakfast.

I stretched and said, "Ohhh man, I am tired!!"

McKlayne: You not tired, Mommy.  You Tirby.

(I love hearing her say "Tirby"...)

October 4, 2010

Pregnancy #3: Week 20

(Don't mind the pit stains...I'd just finished Crossfit. And, I seem to have a lot of those these days, even though the weather is cooler.)

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 20 weeks 

My baby is: the length of a banana...6.5 inches, 10.5 ounces

Baby changes: He weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. He's also around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel — the length of a banana. He's swallowing more these days, which is good practice for his digestive system. He's also producing meconium, a black, sticky by-product of digestion.

Best Moment this week: We have had many "best" moments this week because of the nice weather!!  We've been taking complete advantage and have spent much of our time outdoors this week.  My favorite moment was probably the picnic we took to the Polo Fields...more on that later!

Gender: Before this week, I've been feeling "girl" (although, my feelings mean absolutely nothing b/c I was wrong with both of my others) but the crazy pregnancy dreams have really taken off and I dreamed that we had a VERY, hairy little BOY.  Even hairer than our "little Monkey" McKlayne.  (McKlayne was SO hairy when she was born...furry ears, hair on her forehead and her back...Charlie and I were definitely a little concerned at first...but, she lost it all...the body hair, anyway!)

Movement: Movement has been increasing...I can still only feel it all internally, though.

Food Craving: Salads. Cereal and Salsa.

What I miss: that I can't wear my regular jeans and capris in this weather! I love Fall clothes...maternity clothes?  Not so much!

Sleep: CRAZY pregnancy dreams....did any of you women experience those?

What I am looking forward to: getting started on Halloween costumes so I can start on Christmas gifts!

Symptoms: No complaints!