December 15, 2008

Is he really ready?

Friday afternoon I was talking on the phone to my sister, when Asher (who was supposed to be napping) walked out to the living room, came right up to me and gave me a big "I'm so proud of myself" grin.

"How did you get out?"

"Climb..." he said, grabbing my hand and leading me back to his room. I put him back in his crib and, sure enough, he climbed back out with no problem.

Ugh...I am so not ready for this. My baby is about to turn two in just over a month...and he's growing up way too fast!

Charlie decided that we should convert the crib into his "big boy" bed that night. So, we did. Char explained to Asher that he'd now be sleeping in a new bed and the "consequences" if he got out.

Well, 3 bedtimes and 5 naps later, he's only gotten out once and received one spanking. We're so proud of him!

The only problem is...he sometimes falls out. His bed didn't come with any rails, so the second night he fell out (onto the pallet we set up by his bed) about five or six times. But he only really woke up once...the other times, when I went in he was already crawling back in, still asleep.

Any ideas? Should I buy one of those rails that you stick in between the mattress and the frame? Or will he eventually learn not to roll out? Come on experienced mothers of "big boy/girl sleepers" I need some help.

December 8, 2008

I'm having a crisis...

a fashion crisis, of all things.

I realized tonight that I'm officially a mom.

I thought that when I bought my first swim skirt for my tankini the summer after Asher was born that I had been initiated into motherhood.

Not so. Tonight I recognized that I had drifted in into a whole new realm of oblivion somewhere over the years...and not even known it.

I went jean shopping for the first time since fall/winter of '04-the winter before I got married! The winter after we got married I was too poor to buy any clothes and the last two winters I've been pregnant, so had no use to shop for anything non-maternity.

I've pretty much been wearing jeans that I've had since the middle of college-and, though, they're old favorites, I've slowly had to start throwing them away or designating them as "paint jeans" because I've worn them for 4+ years.

So...tonight I started out...rather excited. I was getting to go shop for not having to stop to feed any babies or bribe any toddlers to keep quiet.

I began at one of my old favorites-Plato's Closet-a consignment shop that mostly only sells name brand and designer clothes from the previous season. I panicked as I hardly recognized any of the brands of jeans that I was shuffling through.

Seriously...I felt so dumb when I saw jeans that said "X2" on them and was confused. How come no one told me that some time in the last four years Express had changed their label?

But that was just the beginning...Silver, Hudson, 575, iT jeans...I needed a translator!

Actually, what I really needed was a college girl standing beside me to tell me, "Yes, go try these." or "No, not those." But I was WAY too prideful to go ask one of the sweet girls behind the counter to that's where you come in...but more on that in a minute.

So, I picked up some Silver jeans and tried them on because my friend Jenn had recently just mentioned that her (super cool, rockstar's wife) sister-in-law had recommended them. I bought Silver jeans for $ that a good deal? Are those even still cool?

The rest of the night I spent checking out every college girl's rear that came near me at the search of "cool" jeans. I went to the Buckle and tried on a few that I liked. But I need help...are BKE jeans still "in"?




Where are you?

I can't wait for 15 years for McKlayne to fill me in on what's appropriate to wear. I need your help.

If you're reading this blog and I don't even know you but you have jeans that you LOVE, please share...include the brand, style, and where I can purchase these, etc. please. Price doesn't matter...I just want to know your favorites! I will be getting money or gift cards for Christmas, so I plan to use them on jeans.

Ugh...this is so hard for me to do...I never thought I'd be asking for fashion advice...and especially not on the world wide web...but I'm desperate.

My favorite jeans...which, like I said, I haven't shopped for them in a good 4-5 years have been...Lucky, Citizens and jeans from Arden B. Are these still okay? Be honest.

I don't want to succumb to this and not even know it: