December 8, 2008

I'm having a crisis...

a fashion crisis, of all things.

I realized tonight that I'm officially a mom.

I thought that when I bought my first swim skirt for my tankini the summer after Asher was born that I had been initiated into motherhood.

Not so. Tonight I recognized that I had drifted in into a whole new realm of oblivion somewhere over the years...and not even known it.

I went jean shopping for the first time since fall/winter of '04-the winter before I got married! The winter after we got married I was too poor to buy any clothes and the last two winters I've been pregnant, so had no use to shop for anything non-maternity.

I've pretty much been wearing jeans that I've had since the middle of college-and, though, they're old favorites, I've slowly had to start throwing them away or designating them as "paint jeans" because I've worn them for 4+ years.

So...tonight I started out...rather excited. I was getting to go shop for not having to stop to feed any babies or bribe any toddlers to keep quiet.

I began at one of my old favorites-Plato's Closet-a consignment shop that mostly only sells name brand and designer clothes from the previous season. I panicked as I hardly recognized any of the brands of jeans that I was shuffling through.

Seriously...I felt so dumb when I saw jeans that said "X2" on them and was confused. How come no one told me that some time in the last four years Express had changed their label?

But that was just the beginning...Silver, Hudson, 575, iT jeans...I needed a translator!

Actually, what I really needed was a college girl standing beside me to tell me, "Yes, go try these." or "No, not those." But I was WAY too prideful to go ask one of the sweet girls behind the counter to that's where you come in...but more on that in a minute.

So, I picked up some Silver jeans and tried them on because my friend Jenn had recently just mentioned that her (super cool, rockstar's wife) sister-in-law had recommended them. I bought Silver jeans for $ that a good deal? Are those even still cool?

The rest of the night I spent checking out every college girl's rear that came near me at the search of "cool" jeans. I went to the Buckle and tried on a few that I liked. But I need help...are BKE jeans still "in"?




Where are you?

I can't wait for 15 years for McKlayne to fill me in on what's appropriate to wear. I need your help.

If you're reading this blog and I don't even know you but you have jeans that you LOVE, please share...include the brand, style, and where I can purchase these, etc. please. Price doesn't matter...I just want to know your favorites! I will be getting money or gift cards for Christmas, so I plan to use them on jeans.

Ugh...this is so hard for me to do...I never thought I'd be asking for fashion advice...and especially not on the world wide web...but I'm desperate.

My favorite jeans...which, like I said, I haven't shopped for them in a good 4-5 years have been...Lucky, Citizens and jeans from Arden B. Are these still okay? Be honest.

I don't want to succumb to this and not even know it:


Drew and Rebecca said...

Hi! You don't know me but I happened to stumble across your blog from my friend's friend! You have a PRECIOUS and beautiful family! I had to stop and comment though because on your blog on fashion advice, I couldn't leave you hanging! I absoutley HATE jean shopping, I really think it might be worse than swim suit shopping, but I do have some favorites... Citizens, Joe Jeans, and 7's are the best! But they can be pricy I know. But personally they fit so well and have all lasted me 4+ years in great condition, it's worth the expense! I still wear my BKE jeans from the Buckle and they fit great and Silver's are great too! Happy Jean Hunting! :)

Blair Beal said...

Kirb! First of all, I'm a little hurt you didn't call or text ME... your cousin who is one semester away from having her college DEGREE in FASHION!!!
Secondly.... take on jeans:
I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit well and look good on me and recently tried American Eagle jeans (BOYFRIEND style)again... LOVE them... not too tight & so comfy... good length- EVEN BETTER... $29.99 or $39.99 (depending on the color)! Seriously, I'm in love!
Also I love Sevens... boot cut or wide leg... got them at Marshalls and TJ MAXX
Miss Me has alwayd been a favorite of mine too (any boutique *Ella Blu!!!* or they might have them at Encore or that store you like)
I tried on Denim of Virtue at a boutique my friend works at in Gruene and LOVED the way they fit but didn't have the money to buy them at the time.

Hope all of this helps and seriously CALL me next time... I spend so much of my time researching this stuff!! Let me know what you find!

Hendrick Family said...


Can I have Blair Beal's cell phone number?

I mean...

Just until Kirby gets this thing figured out.

I'm kidding.

Kind of.

Love you Kirby...and it's going to be okay.

I think.

It better.

What was Blair's number?

Are you laughing at me?


Nichole said...


Buckle jeans are the best if you can find them at platos closet or something because they last forever...seriously they are way more expensive but they will out last any of your other jeans so its almost worth paying for...

I worked for American Eagle for a while and as far as brand names go they tend to be the cheapest and usually have the best fit, but they fall apart quickly.

7 jeans are very cute and you can find them for a reasonable price at khols now, but my roommate last year had lots of luck finding almost new pairs on ebay for really good prices.

Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

first, i'm laughing.

second... why did you email me about some random shirt and not call me about a jeans crisis?? kirby! come on.

you know i love sevens (and that i have a few you could probably have) - and we all love citizens! of course you can still wear those, crazy! :) super cute.

and i mean honestly... there aren't many jeans that i think you would buy that would make me say "ugh, kirby, those are so out/terrible jeans" ... not likely to happen honey.

silvers, great! i'm sure they are precious.

as long as they aren't like coldwater creek or talbots jeans, i think you're fine. bke are cute, lucky are great, american eagle jeans are really cute (i was in there yesterday) and even gap has a lot of cute jeans right now! they have casual and nice ones. :)

if we (WHEN we) have that woodlands girly day, we can look all around and find you something perfect.

i love you princess :)

don't stress. smile and be glad you don't have finals. especially in another language.


Ricci said...

Hey Kirby,
I read Heather's cry for help for you and your jeans. After I finished laughing (sorry!) I went to my closet and pulled out my favorite pair of jeans to share in the love. They are Old Navy "The Sweetheart" jeans. I prefer the washed out ones, but I have a pair of the dark ones, too, and they're fine.

This is the website for them... the denim is pretty soft after you wash it and I've been able to get gum out of them before (it was not mine, either... ugh!), so I'm sure anything your kiddos can get on it will come out!

blaire blanchette said...

kirby...we will work through this together tomorrow night at dinner.

do not fret.

i have recently found a secret weapon of a jean for...get ready...$12.99! They are a skinny jean (i know that scares some people, but you have to have a pair of these this season) and with them being that cheap, there's really no reason NOT to get some! They really do fit great and I always have issues finding jeans. I wear them almost everyday too so I bought another pair!

also, I totally agree with Blair about Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I get almost all of my clothes from there. You can find good designer jeans for sometimes as cheap as $40.00, you just have to dig for them. I prefer citizens of humanity (probably because thats the only pair of designer jeans I own..) but Banana Republic has great jeans too that I really like.

Kellie said...

Kirby, I feel ya! I found your blog through Jenn's! A good friend of mine was just going through the same thing and she splurged on Lucky Brand jeans.....and she is IN LOVE! and told me I need to purchase some too...Another has some 7 Jeans, she swears she got them at Kohls and paid next to nothing for them,but I have seen the prices on them at Macy's! She loves them too! but I just am not sure if I am ready to spend that kind of jack on jeans.....good luck!

Connie said...

O.k., I read Heather's blog and that brought me here. Unfortunately, I will be stopping by here again to find out all the advice you get b/c I have none for you. None. I pretty much look like a mom trying to look stylish but never fully succeeding almost EVERY day.

I commend you for reaching out. And you are adorable so you could wear t-shirts and sweats and look great.

Jeanie said...

I would like to help you but I am one of those women that college girls feel sorry for. I was stylish once (not an era, a day.) It was eigth grade and my mom spent a lot of money and bought me pink cigarette pants, a white top and BACKLESS high heels. No jeans involved.

I could have been stylish in college. My mom bought me some guess jeans. I wore them for about 1 hour before I spilled acid on them in Chem lab. No one got to see me in them before the disaster. I think I gave up after that.

I wear what is comfortable and it drives my younger sister crazy. She says I dress like I'm 40. I'm 43. But I revel in it. One time I bought an outfit fit for an octogenerian. I wore it with a straight face. Everyone was too polite to say anything but I'm sure I started a few conversations.

Good luck on the "cool" jeans expedition and if you ever need advice on how to be uncool, I'm your girl.

Hendrick Family said...


Here's what I need:

I want to look like a woman, not a plumber. So, I want to be able to wear jeans AND bend over and pick up toys...imagine that.

I want to wear my jeans for more than a couple hours before they have somehow grown to be two sizes too big for me.

I want them to be no more than $30.

I'm a baby's got back kind of mom so no skinny jeans for me...I want some that fit my mother of four hips, but don't stick out in the back around the waist.

So does this mean American Eagle is the place I need to go?

And if I have to buy clothes from TJ Max, you're going to have to do that for me. That place is a mess and so unorganized. When I'm there, I forget to look for clothes. I pretend I work there, and my mission is to put clothes on racks where they belong. The Monica in me can't take that store.


Kim said...

sweet kirby!!

i found myself in a similar situtation when i quit fossil and realized thats where all of my clothes for THREE years came from...and didn't know where to shop since I didn't have my discount. sad day.

if price doesn't matter, go to closet door by coffee station. they have a GREAT selection of designer jeans and they're super helpful. they even have a petite section which is great for people like me with freaking short legs.

i've always been a fan of lucky and the past few jeans that have caught my eyes on girls have been "miss me"

hope this helps :)

Anonymous said...

Banana Republic and Joe's Jeans are my absolute favorites. A little bit of stretch and they last forever!

Kirby said...
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Kirby said...

You have all been so sweet and (mostly) helpful. Thank you for the quick responses...I get to be Heather for day with hundreds of comments coming at me...or 12 in less than 10 hours...I'll take it.

I'm with Heather. I've got a rear, so I need jeans that fit me there but aren't too big in the waist and that I don't have to hold up when I bend down.

Surely, there have got to be some out there like this.

I am so going to Kohl's...never would have thought to look there.

Blaire...seriously...skinny jeans? This would take MAJOR convincing...I mean MAJOR.

Becki Francy said...

Okay you don't know me but I can recognize an emergency when I see one. I can relate, I have a six week old, and a 21 month old, so the jean crisis has hit our blog as well. But I do have a "prepregnancy" pair of jeans that are still "hip" so to say. I am a cheap, consignment shoppin, coupon cuttin' kind of girl. But on this is one area I did splerge. Seven For All Mankind jeans...that is what I bought. Yes, they are heinously expensive, (you can find used on ebay or in consignment though) but they truely make my bottom look heavenly...and my botton is NOT heavenly. I managed to get back into them after my daughter was born and received tons of compliments, but got pregnant again (I guess my husband thought they looked good too!). I will be back in that is my recommendation!

Mommy, M.D. said...

Hi, I followed Heather's link too. I find myself in the same situation. I've noticed that almost every person on "what not to wear" is a mom who has sort of lost track of things since having kids.

i really like the sweetheart from old navy. it's got a nice medium rise that doesn't show your butt. and it comes in short lengths which works for me. but the "petite" fit at old navy has a lower rise, so i prefer the regular fit with a short inseam.

i used to wear lucky, but they feel too low rise for me now.

i have some honey jeans ("the booty fit") from joe's jeans that i like too. i don't know how you're built, but let's just say that beyonce and j-lo wear these. if you think you have anything in common with them, then give them a try.

they run small, so suck it up and try on the bigger size. it's just a number. but they're the only ones that fit both my waist and my hips; usually jeans have to be too big in the waist to fit my hips. but these don't ride down as much since the waist is snug, so they stay in place all day, which i like. but they're pretty low rise, so sometimes there's a muffin top issue to deal with. i wouldn't wear these with a snug shirt.

i say go to a boutique to try on, and then try to find a deal online when you find a fit you like. revolve clothing has some good sales, or bluefly.

i usually buy jeans that are a bit snug out of the dryer. i stuff the hips with socks or something while i'm getting dressed to stretch them out. that way they still fit at the end of the day. just make sure you remember to take the socks out before you leave the house! i found one on my left saddlebag the other day after being out all morning. oopsie.

for the petites: go here to learn how to hem jeans.

and heather, it saddens me to say this, but i'm not sure the college girls even know who monica is.

Kirby said...

This is from Debi:

I just wanted to tell you I get Calvin Klein jeans boot cut that are EXTRA long at Stein Mart and you won't have plumbers cleavage and they are very slimming....not that you need that, but I do! For some reason I couldn't post on your blog so I am sending an email....


Anonymous said...

i can't believe you didn't ask me.


you're really a mom when you don't even care anymore what brand they are as long as you can still zip them.

Kyle said...


You know I have no clue... I need jeans too. But I have been looking for the brand that I got at your Plato's Closet a couple years ago... The say Hippie on the back of the waistband. Anyone know where I can get those???

I love 'em because they have an uneven waistband that goes higher up in the back, so no plumber crack!

Can't wait to hear/see what you find.


Kyle said...

P.S. Marylou cracks me up!!

Jennifer :) said...

You're so funny! I thought I could give you a little bit of advice until I saw all the 'research' that others here have done! Talk about impressive! ;) I need to take notes from this too!

My favorite jeans for the past several years have come from American Eagle. Unfortunately, they don't make the kind I wear anymore (ptth!) but you might wanna check out their other jeans. Mine last pretty long considering I wear them daily!! I also have a pair from Gap. I haven't worn them a lot yet, but they fit pretty well too. Good luck and happy jean hunting!!! :)

Garratts said...

I had a recent crisis as well, shopping for a dress for a wedding. I went to Dillards and was in the "hip" section. A little too hip. I couldn't tell the difference between a shirt and a dress.

What has fashion come to. Thank God for Michelle McClure.

Rachel said...

Found your blog through Heather's. I'm not a mom yet (maybe someday soon though), but wanted to through in my vote for the Old Navy Sweetheart jean. I hate spending more than $30 on jeans, and hate hunting for the perfect pair so once I find something that fits, I wear it until they do away with that style. Old Navy usually puts theirs on sale periodically (I got 2 pair for $12 a piece!) and you can get them in different shades.

Anonymous said...

I know NOTHING about fashion. Nothing. BUT, I saw you mention Brettney's name. That is such an unusual name that I have to ask her last name - because I only know one Brettney. You can email me if you shouldn't tell her last name to the world! ha!


Anonymous said...

Kirby Derby

I have both expensive and cheap jeans. My favorite jeans I'm wearing right now are straight, tight, strectchy jeans from forever 21. Yup, they aren't skinnies but they sure fit under my tall boots and I wear with heals, or flats, even in boots. They are perfect. I don't wash them alot because they might wear fast, but they are amazing. How much? $19.99. So comfortable and slimming.

My other favorites are True Religions, which are prob $200. Yikes, but I got them at a small store in Willowbend Mall - N. dallas (in Cate's new neighborhood).

Let me know when you are in town. I love you!

Rachel H said...

I don't think you know me, but I thought I would share :)

I really like Citizen jeans. But they are WAY too expensive! If you are daring, you can go on ebay and they are much much cheaper. I have had my one pair for almost 3 years and they are still lookin good!

I also really like American Eagle Jeans. I got a pair (they were either the boot cut or the boyfriend style, I don't remember) and they are good because the waist isn't too high or too low, and they fit well.

I have had success at Forever 21 too, the jeans fit well and were a decent price, but didn't last as long as I would have liked.

I am definitely one of those people who finds a pair of jeans I like and wears them ALL the time. I usually buy multiple pairs of the same type because I hate the process of finding a decent pair of jeans! I have yet to try the skinny jean... Blaire, if you see this, where did you get yours??

Good luck jean shopping! :)

BrunerAbroad said...

I don't know if you remember me, but we met a handful of times back in CS. I live in Spain now and here the jeans are so hip I find it overwhelming. I don't know what brands are "in" in the States right now, but over here the style everybody's wearing either is skinny jeans or else a long, thin straight leg. A well-fitting (dark) thin straight leg jean looks hot on just about anybody. I never thought I could pull it off but I swear I get hit on 10 times as much when I wear my straight legs. My old favorites (Gap Long and Lean or Flare) just seam so baggy and frumpy to me now I hardly ever wear them.

You can definitely pull off a skinny jean if you're bold enough (which I think you are). They especially look great tucked into a knee-high black/brown leather boot (but no chunky heels!).

Good luck!

Payton's mom said...

Hey girl! I miss you, I am so happy I found yall's blog through Lauren's.

So I am right there with you girl. My husband sweetly offered to buy me new jeans for my birthday since like you my newest pair was from college! My in style friend I turn to for fashion wears Citizens and True Religion and payed WAY more money than I would ever pay.(In fact I even got to wear a pair of Citizens maternity jeans from her which I LOVED)! So I didn't know what to do.

I heard Buckle was good so I went there but was way overwhelmed. Thankfully Zach was with me and asked a cut college girl that worked there to help me. Now Buckle is my favorite place. I pay $60 for a pair of silvers, but here was the catch for me they altered them for free and this 4'11' girl is all about that!

Anyway hope u find some great jeans please let me know!

Rachel H said...

Yes, I am a LHer!

And yes we should meet, I'll look for you at church :)

I worked w/ your husband and little Asher @ the community work day last weekend. Asher is such a cutie!

Ben and Amy said...

ok, I just read almost all 30 comments! I'm in your boat Kirby. I've had the same jeans since HIGHSCHOOL. Santa brought me some Sevens my senior year and they are all I wear. But, I also pulled a Blair two weeks ago and bought a pair of $15 skinny jeans from Ross. I have to be in a cute, I feel flirty mood to wear them though (which means they're an occasional jean- or a date jean. Ben likes them. You get my drift.) Do post when you find something legit. I'm going to jean shop soon- thanks to you!

-Amy Grimme

The Currie Family said...

First of all, LOVE the video!! Didn't Mom use to wear jeans like that?? haha pretty sure she did.

Don't worry Mom, I said USE to!

I LOVE being a Mom, but I hate those mom jeans.

My favs are Citizens, Miss me (without even knowing it!), Rock and Republic, True Religion, and Gap.

There are about a million new designer's hard to keep up. You just need to try on a whole bunch and stick with your favs.

I haven't tried on any new labels maybe....maybe we should hit Nordstrom Rack!

P.S. No one would ever walk by you and feel sorry for you!!


Grace Family said...

ok seriously... this is what i think. you find the jeans you LOVE and then you pay the extra $11-12 to take them to a lady and have altered JUST FOR YOU! They can adjust the waist if you like the butt, they can adjust the length if you need. Seriously, most of my friends have just decided that whatever you pay for jeans is so worth adding that little extra to make the for YOU and not just everyone else shopping in that store. Take that into consideration if the pair you love has one little annoyance!

this advice coming from someone that needs to do some new jean shopping herself... thanks for motivating me to get out there and shop!

Never Enough Food said...

You don't know me but I found your blog while being bored at work :) I'm a big fan of American Eagle. You have to dig a while to find the ones that don't come with holes and are bleached but the price is pretty reasonable. Good luck!

Michelle said...

Kirby, I wish we would've talked about this at Ryan's wedding. I was talking to Lauren McDaniel at small group tonight and she told me I got a shout out from Ash on your fashion post. (Thanks Ash! I'm honored. haha.)

Ok. Next time you come visit your best friend, call me!! Seriously. My sister works at anthropologie and can seriously look at a girl, tell you what size you wear, and what jeans would fit. It's like a spiritual gift or something. (ok..obviously not a spiritual gift but pretty awesome) She also has a 40% off discount, which comes in mighty handy when you're buying jeans. I love her!...and her discount.

I read that someone suggested the Honey Jeans from Joe's Jeans for ladies with a little junk in their trunk. As a junk in the trunk expert, I wholeheartedly agree. I got a pair for Christmas and really don't want to wear anything else. They're AWESOME! I also got a pair of Level 99's and love them. They both fit perfectly and (I think) they make me look skinnier. What more could a girl ask for? Seriously though, call me. I've got freakin awesome hook ups and love you enough to share.

Anonymous said...

Kirby, You'll always be looking for jeans, so I'm going to leave you with my advice on where I've always shopped for my jeans! I normally head up to 'Off 5ths' at the outlets in San Marcos and have always had great success! I usually find a pair or two of 7's and/or true religions....(they are half the price of what you would find them at nordstroms or neiman's for). Try Charli's boutique in college station. I also have had many comments on my Hudson jean, love these too!

Kristi McDuff

Anonymous said...

I've never been the type to worry about what is "cool" or "in." All I know is that my jeans are comfortable, the right length, and fit really well. I wear Levis and I get them at Kohls. I'm from Oklahoma, what can I say? :) haha

Brettney said...

OK, i came back to this post after going to you "motherhood" posts. This video is hilarious. I think it is more funny now that I am a mom. Did you end up buying Lucky jeans? I have been on a MISSION to get some Miss Me jeans. Those jeans work for people of ALL sizes and they give people butts who need them, and hide butts of people who need their butt to look smaller. they are pretty much amazing. I am saying this, and I dont even have a pair.