July 17, 2010

Friday Funnies

A little late...sorry, I haven't been feeling the best around here.

I just started throwing up...I didn't do that with either of my last two pregnancies. So, I guess every pregnancy truly is unique. The good news is, I don't feel sick at ALL in the morning or throughout my day (as long as I am continuously eating...I am snacking every two hours, it is ridiculous) until about 4 p.m. as I am trying to get dinner ready. Then right around dinner, I throw up and feel much better. At least their is some relief and I don't feel nauseous until bed time like I did before throwing up...I would feel sick all evening...so, for this I am thankful.

I'm also thankful for my sweet Charlie who has cooked more than half the dinners since I started feeling so nauseous. He is an expert at breakfasts for dinner, grilled cheese sandwiches and grilling.

Anyway, I know you didn't come to read about me puking...so...on to the Friday Funnies:

Before Asher went to bed, I was eating some Coffee Punch that was leftover from Ashley's wedding shower. (It's like the next best thing to having Blue Bell in your freezer and I don't even like coffee! I'll share the recipe below.)

And an hour and a half later, Asher was still awake, so Charlie went to go talk to him:

A: Daddy, I want to tell you a story.

D: You can tell me a short story, because you really need to be asleep.

A: OK... Once upon a time, Mommy made some coffee punch and saved some for me.


Daddy takes McKlayne potty outside at the park:

(After tee-teeing while Daddy was holding her in a squatting position, legs out)

M: Daddy, I want to do it again.


We were standing in line at the store a couple days ago and a beautiful young Asian teen with long hair piled up on top of her head was behind us in line talking to her friend.

McKlayne pointed behind me and said: Look, Mommy! There's Ni-Hao-Kai-lan! I see Ni-Hao-Kai-Lan!

(My kids don't even watch that show but I think they must see commercials for it while watching Wonder Pets?)


Coffee Punch Recipe:

(Marylou gave me this recipe several years ago after she made it for my wedding shower.  Now, I hardly throw a shower without making this.)

3 c. strong coffee
2 c. sugar
1 pint cream (or 1/2 & 1/2) (2 c.)
1 quart milk (4 c.)
2 t. vanilla
Dissolve sugar into hot coffee and let cool. Add other ingredients.  

Pour into rubbermaid to freeze (at least overnight). Remove from freezer 2 hrs. before serving.  Mix and serve very icy in a punch bowl.  (One batch serves about 18 small punch cups.)


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Hehe! Your kids are too funny.

Hope that you feel better soon! This too shall pass!

Angela said...

Praying you feel better soon! What a rough few weeks for you. Glad Charlie is helping cook. I was on bed rest for 6 months and I had all kinds of people cooking for me. It was rough but I got such a huge blessing out of it!

(As always, laughing......
Your kids are the best!)

Carpio Family said...

a few things:
-sorry you aren't feeling well. If you need puzzles for the littles, i still have some.
-Also I remember snacking every 2 hours. I felt so silly. Fruit my friend, throw it in your bag. I always had like 3 pieces in there the entire pregnancy. Easton was excited i packed him a bag too, my backup bag. I remember eating it during service even, Allen was preaching and i was eating peach.
- I love Mary Lou's punch. I make some and freeze it in mason jars and on hot days take it on errands. I craved it when i was preg. w/ Fionna, i just had to have some.