May 14, 2008

A few of his Favorite Things...

I have been meaning to post these for several months now...I seem to have an ongoing list of Asher's "favorite" things and the more he learns and gets into stuff, the more he is starting to LOVE many things! So my next couple posts will probably be pics or videos of him doing his favorite things.

As you can see, I've been working on pics with Lightroom...and I am in love with this program! Lyns and Larra, I welcome any tips that you may have! (I would like to know why the coloring looks a little different when I post these pics on my blog compared to what I see in Lightroom or even just in the plain viewer from the files...does that make sense? When I upload them to blogger for some reason the color is a little more dull or grayish.)

Anyways...back to Asher! In this set of pics, I have captured several of his favorite things...and one of mine! First, he loves, loves, LOVES to be outside...he could stay outside for hours if I would let him.

Secondly, he loves hats...probably because it's something that he always sees his Daddy in. He loves to wear hats...but his favorite hats are Daddy's hats. Everytime he walk by Charlie's open closet, he says "hat, hat" and points at the hats hanging on the wall and signs, "please." How precious is this hat that Brettney and Key gave him?

Another thing he loves is playing with Daddy.

Almost everyday, we wait outside for Daddy to get home and as soon as Asher sees his Daddy riding (on his bike) or driving up, his face lights up and he flaps his arms up and down excitedly. Playtime after work with Daddy, is probably one of his most favorite times of the day...and it's mine, too! I love watching my boys run around and chase or tackle each other and love hearing their laughter and squealing.

Another story about Daddy and hats: We recently got satelite (No more watching Baby Einstein over and over and over! Mommy is very excited about our new selection of entertainment!) and the other day I turned "Handy Manny" on for the first time for Asher. A couple minutes later, I heard "Hi, Dada!" and he was waving at the TV. I looked up and saw Manny...who totally looks like an animated version of his Daddy in a red and white hat just like Charlie wears! But especially, since he's always carrying tools around to fix stuff! Who says TV isn't educational?

And one of the things that his Mommy loves...her baby boy in just his diaper! I love that chunky, adorable little body! Need I say more?

May 5, 2008

Our Little Dipper

Asher loves to dip...


French Onion Dip



Anything he sees us dipping...but especially SALSA...probably because we eat it so often!

Salsa is definitely among his top 3 favorite foods...probably because it was pretty much a staple when I was pregnant with him, even though it gave me very bad reflux...some things are just worth the burning throat...(I'm feeling it yet again this pregnancy)...and homemade salsa is one of them!

The heat doesn't bother him, in fact, it usually just makes him eat it faster...maybe because he realizes that if he just keeps eating, he won't notice how much his tongue is burning.

When he's just about done, he knows how to get every last drop, just like he sees Mommy and Daddy doing when they drink out of their cereal bowls each morning.