September 29, 2011

Busy Bag Swap Remarks

I just wanted to say a special thank you to ALL of you wonderful ladies that were involved in our Busy Bag Swap! I've created a new page here so that, if you ever need, you can access old posts for printables, directions and what not!

I'm so, so thankful for all the time, money, and effort that were put into making these the cutest busy bags on the block!  I hope your children are BUSY enjoying them as much as mine are!! (And that some days you'll drop what you're doing and get busy exploring the bags with them!)

Thanks for being so gracious and flexible with Chels and me as we tried our best to organize this undertaking.  It was a joy to get to correspond and work with each of you throughout the process, and I'm thankful to have gotten to "meet" (virtually and in person) some of you for the first time!

Busy Bag Swap: Day 13 (Color & Counting Wheel)

Sweet Maria has been awfully preoccupied these last couple weeks with a family emergency, so I wasn't pressing her to finish something as minor as a blog post just so we could "complete" this Busy Bag Swap series. (Thank you, Matt and Maria, for sending this will ALL that you guys have going on!) This is the final post from my group of ladies!  It's been such a joy to correspond with each of you and I am oh, so thankful for all of the time, money and work that went in to making each of these bags! My kids sure are enjoying them!

Maria and I met last year at Classical Conversations, where our kids are in the same homeschool community.  She is always a delight to talk to...with some new nugget of wisdom for me to walk away with and a big smile on her face.  McKlayne and her son, Miller, are the same age and were in the same class last year.  She also has her own Mclaine.  He turned one year old on the first day of CC this year.  When we sang to him, my McKlayne was taken aback and her face lit up, saying, "Hey Mommy, that lady said it was MY BIRTHDAY!!"  Her excitement was short-lived as we had to break it to her that there was, in fact, another Mclaine in this world.

Name: Maria Upton

Kids/Ages: Maxwell (7), Miller (3 ½), and Mclaine (1)

How do you spend your free time: Free time? What free time? Seriously though, reading, cooking, spending time with my husband.

When you were a child, what was one of your favorite ways to spend your day? playing outside, riding my bike, playing with the dogs (we bred toy poodles), going swimming and dancing

What does special time with your children look like?  Reading with and to the boys, snuggling, dancing with them to our favorite song at the moment, playing chase, listening to them laugh with each other.

A favorite tradition that you want to pass down with your children? Reading our thanksgiving book as a family and making a thanksgiving tree; Advent activities; looking at Christmas lights; and balloons on your birthday.


The Color and Counting Wheel helps your children learn their colors and how to count individual items from 0 to 9. 

They see the colors on the wheel and clothespins, as well as seeing the written word. In addition, they’ll use their fine motor skills, but be sure to keep an eye out for pinched fingers when using the clothespins!

 Each bag contains a Color and Counting Wheel (Color on one side, Counting on the other) and a set of 10 painted clothespins to match the Color Wheel and Counting Wheel.

The easiest way to use this activity is to have your little one choose either the Color Wheel or the Counting Wheel and then to use the corresponding clothespins and correctly clip the clothes pin to the appropriate color or number.

On the Counting Wheel side, we added shapes as a bonus (why not add some more color and shape to your life!), but the focus is on teaching your children to count and, as a result, the numbered clothes pins do not include a reference to the shapes. If your child is ready though, you can have him or her call out the number and color of a specific shape.

The total for making 26 bags was around $60, even with heavy duty laminating (thanks for a discount through our homeschool group)!

Ready to make your own? 

For 26 busy bags, I used:
-26 printed Color and Counting Wheels (front and back) on cardstock (approximately $25)
-Heavy duty laminating for 26 Wheels ($27.00)
-Clothespins (6 bags for a total of $6.00)
-Assorted acrylic paints (set for $2.47)

Here’s how I did it:
  1. Print the Color Wheel and Counting Wheel. It took a little work to get them to line up exactly so we could use double-sided printing on cardstock. Even with all the work, sometimes they feed into the printer a little off and if you want to you could just print each wheel on its own page and then tape them together. To get the colors right, I had to print at home on our own printer, but you could also print once and have color copies made if you are making several. I tried printing these at a professional printer, but the colors were off so making color copies or printing at home was the only solution.
  2. Using the acrylic paint, paint one side of clothespins to match the colors on the Color Wheel. When dry, then paint the other side white (for the Counting Wheel).
  3. Using a Fine Tip Sharpie on the “colored” side of the clothes pin, write the name of the color in capital letters. On the opposite side, write the number and the number in word form that corresponds to the same color and shape. I did my numbers from 0-9, instead of 1-10 for the simple reason that when we began homeschooling and teaching math, our oldest child, who is now seven, had a difficult time understanding that zero was a number. I chose all capital letters for the words since children learn capital letters first in our handwriting lessons. For those numbers that do not have a color on the Color Wheel, I painted both sides white and only wrote on one side of the clothespin.
Your child is now ready to learn those colors, numbers and shapes and hopefully you are free to get something done, too!

Color & Counting Wheel


Go see how to make the "Busy Bag" bag on Grow!

September 19, 2011

First Day of School 2011

We started "school" two weeks ago.  This is our first "official" year in Classical Conversations. 

Let me back up...some of you may know that we had a unique opportunity to join a homeschool community called Classical Conversations last Fall.  Children don't start CC until they're four years old, so my kids were too young to begin last year. BUT...the younger siblings of CC students attend an age-specific pre-school class. Last year, Amy, the director of our B/CS CC campus, asked me to teach the three-year old class, so Asher was one of my six students.  We got the benefit of observing the community and the way that CC operated without committing to it, entirely.  Teaching Asher's class was SO MUCH FUN for both of us! (I was actually surprised by how much I LOVED teaching preschoolers!) It was a fun way to channel my creativity/detail-oriented/party planning passions and a sweet experience to share with my little smarty-pants.  McKlayne attended the two-year-old class which was pretty much just structured play.  But she

So...after prayer and much dialogging back and forth, Charlie and I believe that classical education is the route that we want to take with our children.  I know there are MANY STRONG opinions out there about education models and methods.  I'm not trying to say our way is better than yours.  We believe that, for now, this is the route for us.  We hope that our kids may truly learn how to think and articulate (I still don't think I have :) through this classical process of gaining knowledge (grammar), understanding (logic), and wisdom (rhetoric) based on the trivium. Heidi does an excellent job of explaining it all here.

This year, since Asher's still only four, we're just getting our feet wet. It's a learning year before we jump in full-force.  Meaning, the only time that we're doing much of anything Classical Conversations-related is the 3 hours one day a week, that we come together as a community.  (Other than listening to memorization cd's, occasionally, while he colors or plays in his room.) We have other big aspirations the rest of the week, such as perfecting handwriting and learning to read and explore the world around us.  And, honestly with three children four years old and under, life is busy, so I'm not stressing out about adding one more thing to our hectic schedule.  A stressed out Momma never makes for a pleasant day for anyone around here.

Okay, so I may have fibbed just a bit about saying "the only time that we're doing much of anything Classical Conversations-related is the 3 hours one day a week".  But I wasn't fibbing about life being ridiculously busy.  Charlie is fortunate enough to be the teacher (the students refer to him as their "tutor" since generally their mom's are their primary "teachers" at home) for Asher's class.  (Charlie's boss has been so flexible and generous to allow him to make up the four hours that he misses on CC mornings, at other times during the week.)  Asher, of course, thinks it's the coolest thing EVER that his Daddy is his teacher and the other students in his class have responded really well to having a male tutor.  I mean, who wouldn't love a teacher who will break out in a Barney voice to get their attention?  I'm also the Nursery Director this year. So, when I'm not needed down in the Nursery, I'm in Asher's class to help assist either of my guys.

McKlayne graduated to the Monkey Class this year.  And, if you can't tell from the big grin on her face, she is just tickled about this. Her class is "rowing" Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? this month.  (I'll tell you what that means at a later date. What?! You don't believe me?)

And, if you haven't noticed, she had LOTS of fun posing for the camera....she is quite a little camera ham, these days.

After the picture above, she tossed the chalkboard aside and said, "Mommy, I want one like this now...."

Maybe she thought it would make her arms look more flattering? I don't know where she's seen that before...

I learned something new on the first day of school:  My four year old can draw, and I had NO CLUE!!  (I don't know why this came as such a surprise considering who his Daddy is and that he is self-taught in handwriting, but still...) The Fine Arts for this first 6 weeks is Drawing.  When I came back up to Asher's class after checking on the Nursery classes, I was shocked to see these:

I asked Asher, "Did you draw that? By yourself?" (Did I mention that I was very skeptical?)

A: "Yep!" (with a big grin on his face.)

Honestly, I didn't believe him. I thought that he must have either traced them or that Charlie had helped him.  So, then I walked over to Charlie and asked, "Did Asher free-hand those?"  

C: "Yeah, all by himself! He just looked at a picture and copied the shapes to draw the animals."

I still didn't believe it until Charlie got home that night after work.  "Are you sure that he didn't have any assistance with those?"

C: "No, Kirby! He is just a brilliant artist and we had no clue!"

As thankful as I was to discover this new-found gifting, I kind of felt like a loser of a mom!  We paint and cut and color and glue and craft and write and create ALL.THE.TIME. at home...but never do we DRAW!  (I guess that's because I'm not very good at drawing.)  The mommy guilt began to set in: It's like there's something that's been hidden inside of him, all bottled-up, that nobody knew was in there, just waiting to be discovered.  And, I, of all people, had missed it!

I decided right then and there, that we were going to make time in our daily schedule for him to draw, if he wanted to.

He drew this last week after looking at the goat in The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.

This monkey was from the second week of class when they worked on drawing mirrored images.

So...all you Mommas, out there...have you ever been surprised to discover a gifting or passion of your child that you didn't forsee? Or am I the only negligent one?

September 18, 2011

Which one of these is not like the other?

These pictures are all taken of my kids at or around the age of 7 months:




When Oliver was first born we thought he looked exactly like McKlayne as a baby, but the older he's gotten, the more he resembles that older brother who is head over heels for him.   He definitely takes third place in the amount of hair...but it's starting to grow in very quickly.

September 13, 2011

Mayo-Free Coleslaw

One of my new favorite and EASY sides is Coleslaw.  

I've NEVER been a coleslaw fan...I mean who really likes cabbage?  And, of course, traditional coleslaw recipes contain mayo, which always just made me feel like I was eating a big pile of lettuce with mayo...sick. But this stuff is delightful!  Make a big jar of the dressing earlier in the week because the longer it is allowed to "marry" the better it tastes...and one batch of dressing will be enough for TONS of batches of coleslaw...a little goes a LONG way!

1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup lime juice
1/4 cup coconut aminos (I get it at our health food store for around $6 in place of soy sauce)
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/8 cup sesame oil 
1 tbsp garlic
1 tsp ginger

Slaw Mix:
shredded cabbage (I get mine from Sam's) 
shredded carrots (my bag of cabbage has carrots in it already but we prefer additional)
green onions, chopped (you can also use red)
sunflower seeds
shredded apple (this is a nice but not necessary addition)

I like to have all the veggies prepped in the fridge ahead of time and you can just throw the rest of the ingredients all together.  Then, dress it all. A little dab will do ya. Very easy, very filling, very nutritious since cabbage is a cruciferous veggie. 

September 11, 2011

Busy Bag Swap: Day 12 (Magnetic Pompoms)

I didn't know Jen before this Swap either...she's an out-of-towner from Cary, North Carolina. She has been fun to get to know her after the millions of emails that we've exchanged. She is super precious! And I can't wait for you to see her precious busy kids have been loving this one!  Isn't her adorable little Eden just a tiny version of Jen? Too cute...

Name: Jen - I'm an out of towner (Cary, NC)

Kids/Ages: Eden - 2.5 and Hudson - 6 months (they have the same birthday!)

How do you spend your free time: decorating, reading, sewing, cleaning, NAPPING, hanging out with great friends!  And if I can do any of those things outside it's 1,000 times better!

When you were a child, what was one of your favorite ways to spend your day? I loved playing with my cabbage patch doll, Katie.  I had her name officially changed on her birth certificate because the one she was given was terribly unfortunate.

Fondest memory with your mom as a child? My mom passed away when I was 17 and at least once a day I wish she were still here!  But I'd say cooking cookies/desserts around Christmas was an all time favorite.

What does special time with your children look like?  One of my favorite things to do with Eden is to have her sitting on my lap, facing me.  I ask her what she wants to talk about and the conversations are hilarious, educational, and everywhere in between. Playtime on the bed is also a family favorite!  I love feeding H on her bed, and she plays with her animals :)

Favorite outdoor activity with your kids? Going on a walk!

A favorite tradition that you want to pass down with your children? Oh man- there are so many!  Waking up on your birthday with a room filled with balloons, special dinner/dessert on the first day of school (MDO/preschool), throwing a birthday party for Jesus each year and inviting our friends, cooking those same treats I cooked with my mom on Christmas, cutting down our tree in the mtns. each year...


When I first read about my assigned busy bag task I thought "oh, this will be  super easy, super quick, and super affordable". All this ease threw me into an "I'm not going to think about this for a while attitude" and I literally thought nothing about it.  Fast forward 2 whole weeks. I walked into AC MOORE to find that not only were pom poms scarce (thank you pinterest) but expensive! I'm talking 4.99 (on sale!) for a bag of 100 expensive. Assuming I made 50 pom poms per bag times 26 busy bags that's a LOT of money to fork over. Then my mind started racing about just how many poms I'd have the pleasure of hot gluing and I started to have an panic attack right there in simple crafts. Fast forward 2 stores, 1 piece of chocolate (or that's what I keep telling myself) and 20 min later and I hit the mother load. Thank you Dollar Tree for being fully stocked and selling 80 pompoms for just $1 each. 15 bags and $16.01 later I was ready to glue. The ride home had me attempting all kinds of crazy math figuring out just how many pom poms I needed to put together. I never did figure out the number sans calculator (turns out it's 1,200) but it honestly wasn't nearly as bad, or as time consuming, as I previously thought. For a major type A personality like me, it was all sorts of fun setting new personal records for the number of pom bags glued per hour. PR was 17 min for a bag of 80 if anyone's at all interested :)

Now that I've officially talked your ear off, here's what you really want to know:

Supplies (to make 26 busy bags):
15 bags of pompoms - $16
2 large rolls of magnets - $15
2 bags of 24 (mini) hot glue sticks - $5
Lots of print outs (7 per busy bag) - $80
Cookie sheet or Aluminum Baking Sheet
Hours of endless fun for the wee ones - PRICELESS :)

But for anyone that's counting the total to make 26 busy bags with around 43 pompoms per bag and 7 fun sheets and directions card was $116 (there are definitely cheaper crafts out there), but it was incredibly mindless and those without a stitch of creativity will be able to make this happen!

A few tricks I learned along the way:
* Cut all your magnets at once.  You'll get into a gluing groove and stopping to cut will really cramp your style.
* Cut your magnets a little bigger than you may think - your blister-less fingers will thank you.
* Put the hot glue on the magnet and not on the pompom - your glue gun will stay fuzz free that way.
* Crank the iPod and listen to music as loud as you can stand it. The monotony of gluing will be enjoyable that way. Plus, if you spend all day listening to kids tunes your ears will enjoy some grownup sounds!

Directions (grab your pens's VERY complicated)
1.  Glue magnets to the back of pompoms.  Did you catch that?  I repeat, glue magnets to the back of pompoms.  Just ONE step ladies! Love that!

How to use a pompom busy bag: (See here for all examples.)

1.  kids can design pictures freely  onto the cookie sheet/baking pan
2.  black and white templates can be created for kids to fill in creatively.  Here are some printouts.
3.  color templates can be used to encourage kids to match the correct colors.  Here are some printouts.
4.  use the pompoms to make patterns, sort by color, or to count.
5.  use the pompoms to create shapes
6.  use the pompoms to create letters and numbers

A lot of the color templates listed I couldn't use because I didn't have the right colors, or enough of them so I got brave and made my own.  I love the way they turned out!  Here's some pictures of the pompoms in action.  These are all phone apologies!

Eden matching colors on the gumball machine :)

Forgoing the "matching" and making me a "fluffy ladybug" instead :)

A little fun with free form shapes...okay I helped a little!

Tried to get her to arrange according to color...she kind of got bored of this quickly :)

Putting pompoms on the number cards...way more exciting in her world! (these are hard to see...sorry!)!


Busy Bag Swap: Day 11 (Popsicle Matching)

Brandy and I met a few years ago when she took a coupon on class that Heather and I taught.  Then, we spent 3 days a week together this summer in the Women's Challenge at Blackbox. I was thrilled that she wanted to join the Swap and am thankful that she keeps popping back into my life.  Brandy is one of those girls that you meet and instantly adore. She has such a sweet and warm spirit. A smile is always on her face. 

Family:  This is the most current family picture I could find, and it was taken in April! This is my husband Luke and our 2 daughters Kelsey (15) and Saylor Grace (20 months).
My Blog is
although it hasn’t been updated in quite a while!
How do you spend your free time:  I am lucky to be able to stay at home with our youngest, but it is hard to find free time!  I love sewing and making hairbows during naptime.  I also enjoy reading and my new found love Pinterest!  I should also consider updating my blog during my free time!  
When you were a child, what was one way to spend your day:  I loved spending time outside!  I lived in a neighborhood where there were lots of kids my age.  We were always outside until we were called in to eat!
Fondest memory with your mom as a child:  My mom was a stay at home mom so she was always home with me and my sister.  She always had homemade snacks and treats for us, and still does! 
What does special time with your children look like:  In the mornings Saylor and I snuggle in the chair with my coffee and her milk cup and a big picture book.  It’s how we start our mornings!  Special time with a busy 15 year old isn’t as easy to get!  We like to make a special trip to the mall, or to the movies.
Favorite outdoor activities with your kids:  We love to play outside and swim, but lately it has been so hot!  I think our new outdoor activity with daddy for the next few months is Aggie Football!
A favorite tradition that you want to pass down with your kids:  We are still working on creating traditions with our family, but love celebrating holidays and birthdays in a big way!
The busy bag assignment I was given was Popsicle Colors.    I followed the directions from but used felt instead of paper for the popsicles.  The project was fairly easy, just a lot of cutting!


I used glue on the felt, but next time I think I would sew the pieces together to make them more sturdy. 

There are a couple of levels of play for the popsicle stick. 

The easiest level, which I use on my 20 month old, is just match the colored end of the popsicle stick to the popsicle. 

For the older kids learning to read, they can match the color word to the popsicle. 

You can also use the numbered ends to have your child show you the number of popsicles on the stick. 

I bought ½ a yard of each color which was too much felt.  (5x$2.50)
2 bags of wide popsicle sticks at Hobby Lobby (2x$1.88)
Scissors or rotary cutter
I am so glad that I was able to be a part of this swap!!  I’ve already used many of my busy bags and it was a lifesaver at the doctors office last week.


**Terms of Use: We'd love for you to feel free to use the files that the ladies in our Busy Bag Swap have worked hard to create, but please keep in mind that the printable images and files on this site are some of our ladies own exclusive designs. They have been generous enough to freely share them.

The terms of use for using the free printable crafts and activities are as follows:  You may share these printables with students, friends, neighbors and family or even with your child's class full of children. As long as you share for personal use only. Please do not post printables on a web site - instead provide a link back to the original posting on this site. Linking to the original page is both welcome and appreciated.

Go check out Pipe Cleaner Fun on Grow today!

September 9, 2011

Busy Bag Swap: Day 10 (Stoplight Toss & Other Bean Bag Games)

My oldest (she loves it when I say that) sister, Kyle, created the Stoplight Toss and other Beanbag Games games for our Swap.  If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I reference her a lot as my "crafty" sister.  She taught me how to sew my first pillow a few years ago...and hasn't stopped teaching me new tricks ever since.  Kyle is ever patient with me during crafting.  And, she's often the inspiration for most crafty things that I do since she's constantly emailing me links to her favorite craft blogs or new sewing projects to add to our DIY Bucket List. She also shares my love for garage sales and thrifting.  When we see each other, we love to spend our time talking while we sew.  I often leave conversations with her challenged, humbled or encouraged by her love for Jesus and desire to reorient her life to Him.  I'm thankful for how the Lord has sweetly knit our relationship over the last five or six years; really, I'm so grateful that God has given me two sisters who I truly consider my best friends, now in life, more than ever. What sweet gifts.

(People often tell me how much my kids, especially McKlayne, look like my nieces, but I've really seen the resemblance for myself as I compare these last couple posts, here and here.  It's strange to hear that, because I NEVER heard that I looked like my sisters, growing up!  They always teased me that I was adopted!)

Family: Todd & Kyle, Reid (10), Stella (4), and Nash (2).

Blog: I think I used to have a family blog once here!

How do you spend your free time? Ha! I like to run, read, and cook. But my favorite way to spend my "free time" is probably sewing.

When you were a child, what was one of your favorite ways to spend your day? I liked playing with barbies and dolls. And "horse stables" outside with my sisters. We also each had our own paper doll family, that were just models cut out of magazines, that I loved to play with.

Fondest memory with your mom as a child? Probably her reading to me/us... Or summers spent at Key Allegro in Rockport. I guess this would fall under both memories of my mom and traditions, but when I was a little older (maybe 10 or so), my mom started giving me a pair of stud earrings for my birthday. I looked forward to getting those every year and still have all of them. Stella loves "borrowing" them to wear!

What does special time with your children look like? My 4 year-old has been really into crafting lately, which is awesome!  We all love to do simple things like just reading books while they snuggle up next to me or sit in my lap, or playing a game together.

Favorite outdoor activity with your kids? We like to play outside and go for walks, when it is not 100+ degrees outside! We sometimes walk to the library or to get donuts.

Favorite blog for children's activities/crafts/parenting? 
Make It and Love It
Making Learning Fun
Oopsey Daisy's Mommy School.

A favorite tradition that you want to pass down with your children? We (try to) stay at the table after dinner and read the bible as a family. This has been a sweet time of drawing close to God and each other. I also hope they will treasure and remember special Advent activities that we do and will continue to celebrate Christmas and Easter in worship of our risen Savior!


Stoplight Toss is a fun activity that teaches children color recognition, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and traffic signal recognition.

Your children can stand behind a line and throw the beanbags on their matching colors.

I got the idea for the stoplight game here.


Have someone call out to the thrower. You could call out colors OR "Stop!" = Red, "Slow down! = Yellow, or "Go!" = Green. (Of course, this one was only thought out AFTER the cards were made. It has been added to the download now! Sorry about that!)

You could also tape the stoplight to the wall for overhand throwing practice.

Here's how it works:

Each kit comes with 3 beanbags (red, yellow, and green), a stoplight gameboard, and a deck of 17 game cards. One card has the instructions for Stoplight Toss. The other 16 cards are different games your child can play with their beanbags.

Here's how I made them:

For the beanbags:
  1. I gathered yellow, red, and green fabrics and cut them in 4 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch squares. For 26 bags you will need 52 of each color.
  2. I sewed 3 of the sides together leaving one side open to fill.
  3. I filled the bags with rice, about 1/2 a cup.
  4. I then sewed the remaining side shut. I used my serger, so all my seams are on the outside.
  5. Clip the strings and glue each corner with fray block (or fray check).

For the stoplight:
  1. I got black poster board and cut it into 4 pieces. Each piece should measure approximately 7 x 22.
  2. I got red, yellow, and green foam (like this). I really wanted adhesive foam, but couldn't find it.
  3. I got an appropriately sized cereal bowl and an x-acto knife, and ran the blade around the upside-down bowl (on a self healing cutting mat!) to cut circles out of the foam.
  4. Glue circles on the pieces of cut poster board to make a stoplight.
For the instruction decks:
  1. I printed out pages 1-4 of this 26 times. (Here is the original blog post from Create.)
  2. And then my amazing brother-in law, Charlie, created these to explain the stoplight game. I printed 7 of those sheets out to add to my 26 decks of cards.
  3. I cut out all the cards, punched a hole in them, and clipped them together with a binder ring.
Ready to make your own? For 26 busy bags, I used:
  • 5 sheets of foam in each color (red, yellow, and green) from Hobby Lobby - .89 each
  • 8 black posterboard .89 each
  • x-acto knife
  • self-healing mat
  • cereal bowl
  • rice (I used 1/2 cup per bag. I got the 25lb. at Sam's and probably used 2/3 of it.) - It think this was under $8. Can't find my receipt!
  • 52 squares of fabric cut at 4.5 inches per color (red, yellow, and green)* <$9
  • 104 printed pages of beanbag game cards (you can print double sided if you wish) on cardstock - also purchased at Sam's 250 sheets for $7.23.
  • 7 printed pages of stoplight beanbag toss cards (these cannot be printed double-sided) on cardstock
  • binder rings (purchased at Office Max) $6.29
  • hole punch
Total = $50.99
That is $1.96 per bag.

*Note: I got my fabric at thrift and garage sales. The red and green were both cuts of fabric someone was getting rid of and the yellow was a jersey sheet. While I like that they turned our sort of sensory, (red is silky, yellow is soft, green is scratchy) I didn't feel I needed quite as much fabric as I bought. You could probably go to a fabric store and buy the fabric for just as (if not more) inexpensively and way more convenience.

Literature Link: Red, Stop! Green. Go! or Go Dog. Go! both by P.D. Eastman

**Terms of Use: We'd love for you to feel free to use the files that the ladies in our Busy Bag Swap have worked hard to create, but please keep in mind that the printable images and files on this site are some of our ladies own exclusive designs. They have been generous enough to freely share them.

The terms of use for using the free printable crafts and activities are as follows:  You may share these printables with students, friends, neighbors and family or even with your child's class full of children. As long as you share for personal use only. Please do not post printables on a web site - instead provide a link back to the original posting on this site. Linking to the original page is both welcome and appreciated.

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