August 6, 2010

Friday Funnies

We were driving in our neighborhood...

A: Look at that brick house, McKlayne, the big bad wolf can't blow that house down.


I walked into McKlayne's room and saw a HUGE dead roach on the floor. I screamed.

Asher comes running in, followed by McKlayne.

A: What's going on? Are you okay, Momma?

Me: Yes, there's just a huge roach...

A: {Spotting it}...Oh, McKlayne, look at it! That's impossible!

McKlayne: Can I kill it?

A: Nope, it's already killed.  McKlayne, it is huge! That is impossible!


The kids were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:

A: Momma, Pete needs to settle down.

Me: How come?

A: Because he's being ugly to Toodles... (The mousekatool...whatever he is...some computerized robot thing?)


McKlayne ran in the front door barely missing the sprinklers that were watering the grass: "Whoa, that was a close one."


McKlayne and Asher were spinning themselves in circles around the kitchen, making themselves "dizzy."

Of course, McKlayne mimicking everything Asher says, chirped in with her own version every time she spun around..."Whoa, I'm getting BUSY..."


And, I'll leave you with this one...that happened just yesterday as we were driving around town running errands.

A: Momma, how come you keep checking your face out, again and again and again?

Yup...I had been looking in the mirror, making sure my nose was clean, nothing was in my teeth, fixing my hair, etc...nothing better than your three year old calling you out on vanity.