August 24, 2008

McKlayne's Newborn Pics

My good friend, Lynsey, took these almost 6 weeks ago (when McKlayne was 2 weeks old) but I didn't want to post these until I has sent out her birth announcements! Well, I designed them about a month ago and didn't like them once they were printed...then life got crazy busy again and I still haven't re-designed them!

So, here are just some of my favs...I just couldn't contain them any longer...maybe I'll get to them sometime this week and you'll have one to hang on your fridge soon! You can look at them all here. (I just want to add that the pink "M" in some of these pics is only 6 inches tall...just to give you an idea of how tiny she was!)

Isn't Lynsey amazing? She's so precious to our family.