September 18, 2008

He sure loves his sister!

Asher has made such a great transition to McKlayne. He's always wanting to give her a kiss on the lips or on the top of her head...and lately he's been in to giving her long "movie" kisses where he says "muaahhhhhhh" and moves his head back and forth...I honestly don't know where he learned that!

Second to asking for his bottle of milk each morning when he wakes up, the first person he asks for is "Nayne" (which is what he calls McKlayne.) He wants to check out where she is and give her his first kiss of the day.

He's also always wanting to hold her. He's so proud of himself when we let him hold her because he's thinks he's so big.

In addition to all the holding and kisses, he loves to help! He likes to help "burp" his sister as he pats her back and says, "burp, burp, burp", he likes to suck her nose with the blue bulbed "sucker", and he likes to help wipe her hiney when I change her on the floor. His favorite thing to do after I change her for the morning is throw away diapers and take her dirty clothes to the's a great help to me!

But, sometimes he loves his little sis a little too much and it gets him in trouble! No heights can keep him from her.

(I was looking at the other pics I'd taken on the viewer and I look up to find this...don't worry, I stopped him before he crushed her!)

He pushed this toy over so he could climb up and get a good peek at her...and, again, was so proud of himself!!

September 17, 2008

And so it begins...

Tonight as I unloaded the dishwasher, I found THIS little guy.

I almost peed myself. And so begins life with a little boy and his creepy creatures.

September 11, 2008


Several weeks ago, my sisters and I took my mom on a much-needed vacation to the Hyatt Resort in Lost Pines outside of Bastrop.
We pretty much just hung out by the pool all there really a better way to spend vacation?
Here are some pics from the trip:

Cousin Pic (From the left: Brynn, Camdyn,
Reid, Asher, McKlayne, & Stella)

The Newbies: McKlayne & Camdyn
The Fam.

The Tots.

Stella Bella.

The Little Fish...this kid thinks he's about 3 years old when he's in the pool!

Little Miss Drama.

Mimi with the two big girls.

Our second favorite thing to do while on vacation.

How cute (and old-he's a 2nd grader!) is he?
Reid, Brynn, & Asher rode horses! They LOVED it!

They were not happy about having to wait their turn.

Still anticipating the pony ride.


He was so serious...he kept saying, "Neigh, neigh," before he got on his pony, Buddy, but once he was on, it was ALL business. He held on tight and enjoyed the ride.

The End.

September 8, 2008

Asher's first hair cut

On our trip to Arlington, McKlayne met a bunch of Charlie's family for the first time. We stayed with Grandma Apel and went to Aunt Jan's for the afternoon to visit with Charlie's Mom's side of the family.

She loved her (Great) Grandma Apel, who had a way of putting her to sleep within about 3 minutes. I wanted to bring Grandma back to College Station with us.

Asher had a first, too...he got his haircut! (Don't worry...just a trim...most of you have seen him since and haven't even noticed.)

Charlie's Aunt Sharon is a hairdresser; we wanted her to cut his hair since we trusted her not to cut off all his beautiful curls.

She trimmed it up nicely, so it wasn't so scraggly anymore. (I didn't realize just how long it had gotten until I looked at these pics!)

Asher didn't even realize he was getting his haircut. He sat very still on my lap and enjoyed his Popsicle the whole time.
Thanks, Aunt Sharon! We'll be coming back to you for the big cut!

Here are some other pictures from our trip:

Sweet (Great) Grandpa Overman...he couldn't wait to hold her!

And Great Grandma Jo...the baby-machine!

Grammy with her two grandchildren!

Asher wouldn't let Aunt Kathy put him down! He loved her!

Uncle Mark

Aunt Jan
...and Uncle Fred!


About a month ago, I was packing up a suitcase for a quick trip to Arlington. I noticed that one by one, McKlayne's bows (since I, of course, had to pack one to go with every outfit, she'd be wearing on the trip) were slowly disappearing from the mesh netting that I had clipped them to.

I followed the culprit as he made his way over to the swing she was sleeping in. And this is what I found:

And, of course, he wanted a picture with a bow in his hair, too. This kid loves headbands and bows! It must be all that pretty hair!