November 2, 2013

Little Red Crew ::: Halloween 2013

I love doing family themes for Halloween. And so far, so do my kids. I am wondering if this will be the last year, though. We'll see how long they continue to let me manipulate persuade them. I just love watching them in character all night--it makes dressing up extra fun and all the effort worth it. 

This girl was made to play the part of Little Red Riding Hood. The theme for the group this year was birthed when I found her cape at a thrift store. I sewed a simple pinafore apron to go under it.

Asher spotted a vest in the girls's section at Target that inspired the Big Bad Wold ensemble. Paired with Great Wolf Lodge ears, grey sweats, homemade embellishments and the perfect face-paint job by Char, he was ready to sneak up on Little Red.

Once Little Granny nailed the gummy grin, and heard everyone's reaction, it was history. I could hardly get her to make another face the rest of the evening. This accessory-loving granny was thrilled with her glasses and sleep cap.

The woodsman adored being 'a man' with his manly beard. He was trying to intimidate the Big Bad Wolf with his tough-guy face and loved that for once big brother was weaponless in a standoff against him.

Oh, and holding their Halloween candy hostage is a great motivator for getting day-after Halloween pics. I must remember this for years to come. For some reason, I never quite have it together for pics the day of. I know how bad my memory is and I'd better have documentation after all the work put into their costumes.