January 22, 2007

More Pictures

Here you go! By popular demand, more pictures of Asher after his first day. Here are a few to get your mouth watering then go to this site for all that we have:

Click here for Asher's whole gallery of pictures. You will have to sign up for a name and password if you don't have one already.

Asher and his little hospital companion (Yes, it's a dog.)

Asher's most excited cousin ever!! (That's his real excited smile--he's not just a camera ham.)

Asher's first bath.

His favorite way to just crash.

Cutest kid ever!!


Anonymous said...

He is so precious! Ya'll make beautiful babies. Keep those pictures comin'. ~ Liz

Avery said...

I LOVE all the pictures!! He is adorable! Can't wait to meet him.

Bethan said...

Apel's!! Baby Asher was definitely in my dream last night! I am so excited for you both...how amazing!! He really is a beautiful baby! I cannot wait to hear/read how you all grow together in the days, months and years to come. I just wish we were there to come bring ya'll a meal and see everyone! Oh well, congrats from Kentucky! We love you all!

Palermos said...

Keep the pics coming! That way, when I'm at work and having withdrawals, I can still see him! He's more beautiful everyday! He may not appreciate me calling him beautiful in a few years..but that's what he is!

Brooke said...

asher judson is so stinkin' cute!!!!! i'm extremely happy for yall and your cute family! :) love seeing all the pictures..... keep em coming!

love yall and praying for you.

texasmcvays said...

Congratz! He is so cute and so much hair! What wonderful parents you two will be as you raise your precious Asher!
Many Baby Blessings

Paxton Cox said...

Charlie, He looks just like you. He is so blessed to have a dad like you! He and Mackey need to get together. Whitney Searight Cox