June 18, 2007

The Best NEW Daddy

Asher, you have the best Daddy that I have ever known. I am so proud of him. He loves the two of us so much. He serves us with all that he is. We truly are his favorite things. And above all this...He loves Jesus through all that he does. That's what makes him such a good Daddy to you and husband to me.

I love him even more now that he is your Daddy...I didn't know that would happen when I had you, but I love him in ways that I never even knew that I could before you came.

And I love to watch you look at your Daddy. When he walks into the room and starts talking, you look around, searching the room until you find your Daddy...his voice is one of your favorite sounds.

When you smile at Daddy, your eyes light up and you smile with your eyes as well as with your sweet face...and sometimes even your eyes tear up.

No one could take your Daddy's place. You know what I love when I watch you adore that Daddy of yours? The sweet reminder of this beautiful picture. Just the way you look at that Daddy...with all that love and all the trust-is how we're supposed to be looking at our Heavenly Daddy. Maybe that's one of the reasons God gave us Daddy.

I'm so thankful that he is your Daddy. I can't imagine trying to do this parenting thing with anyone else. You're going to be the most incredible man, husband, and father one day, because of the way that you see your Daddy love me. And I know that because your Daddy loves the Lord so much...one day He will be your first love, too. And that's the most important thing a Daddy could ever do for his son.


Erin H said...

How about you just make me almost cry at work?! God bless you three - Travis and I miss you guys and love seeing y'all as parents!

Garratts said...

Could that kid be any cuter?

No I wasn't talking about you Charlie. JK!

We love you guys and it is so incredible to watch ya'll as parents. You guys are great!

What would we do without you in our lives.

The Houstons said...

umkay, you inspired me to brag on Jon a lil bit on my UPDATED!! blog...LOL. Things are good here, much better lately..not as many symptoms...So good to hear from you, lets together soon:) I have lots of things to talk about...:)

Hendrick Family said...

Have I told you lately how proud I am of you guys?


Ryan Price said...

Yeah... Charlie is pretty cool... but Asher is cooler! Sorry Charlie!

The Kramer Family said...

Wow, I love your family. You guys are super special to us. I love watching you grow and love each other. It is a blessing.

I hope Charlie has an amazing day tomorrow at his first day! How exciting!

Love you guys,

Honnie said...

Asher...who's your daddy?

Anonymous said...

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