July 5, 2007

Asher's First Trip to Rockport

Two weeks ago we went to the beach with my entire family. It was so fun! We've got tons of pictures and videos to share. Here are a few pics, but you can see the rest of the album here.
This wasn't his first time in the pool...but he had a lot of fun kicking around on that kickboard.

I think he's going to be a little swimmer like his Daddy.

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This was on the way to the beach...

His first time to feel the ocean...

But this is what most his trip to the beach consisted of...

But the beach got better...on the way home he tried some peach snowcone.

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Asher had lots of fun playing with his Daddy...especially when Daddy blew bubbles.

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He also really loved playing with his cousins...we tried to get a photoshoot of all 4 of them...but that didn't last long.

Just the boys:

And the babies:

Talking to his cousin, Stella. It's a rough life stuck between two girl cousins.

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Jennifer Bacak said...

This gallery of Asher as delightful!!! The beach looks awesome...we are headed there soon. Can't wait.
You guys are a beautiful family to watch grow. We love you!
jenn & rusty

Melodi said...

The couch photo of babies is my favorite!!! I knew you'd find parenting the incredible journey that we've found. It gets better all the time, if you can even fathom that! Your photos make me smile. They are evidence of a truly joy-filled family.

Love you!

erin said...

KIRBY God has blessed you and Charlie with a precious son! I LOVE the ones of him completely asleep on the beach and the couch one too! We miss you guys and can't wait to see y'all! Hey I personally think that you and Charlie could easily find a house in Houston near us... there are a lot for sale! ;-) just kidding of COURSE! we love you guys!

Marylou said...

What adorable photos! I'm so glad y'all had a good time at the beach. I might be prejudiced, but isn't Asher one of the most beautiful babies ever?

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

How precious.
What a fun age and fun time for you.
Asher is very blessed to have parents who love the Lord and him so much!!