August 24, 2008

McKlayne's Newborn Pics

My good friend, Lynsey, took these almost 6 weeks ago (when McKlayne was 2 weeks old) but I didn't want to post these until I has sent out her birth announcements! Well, I designed them about a month ago and didn't like them once they were printed...then life got crazy busy again and I still haven't re-designed them!

So, here are just some of my favs...I just couldn't contain them any longer...maybe I'll get to them sometime this week and you'll have one to hang on your fridge soon! You can look at them all here. (I just want to add that the pink "M" in some of these pics is only 6 inches tall...just to give you an idea of how tiny she was!)

Isn't Lynsey amazing? She's so precious to our family.


The Houstons said...

oh hooray for more updates and beautiful pictures! Hang in there Kirby, we all think you are supermom many of the things I do with Noah I learned from you. I know in just a few months you will be making everybody wonder again how you make it look so easy:) You are a wonderful mom...and Charlie you are wonderful dad too:) Hug everyone for us, we miss your sweet precious family tremendously!

Jennifer :) said...

She's beautiful! I love how her little bottom sticks out while she is on the dresser--TOO precious! :)

The Kramer Family said...

And your family is equally precious to us. We love you bunches. McKlayne is absolutely beautiful.

You are such a good momma. Everything is much more relaxed the second time around as far as feedings and naps go. But, not so relaxed in other areas. Although I do think its great that you are figuring out her schedule. I like predictable. Especially when there is a crazy toddler running around and a home to manage. You are amazing. Your family is blessed to have such a gift smack dab in the middle of their home.

Come visit me if you need Asher to roam around on the farm. I'd love that!

Love you.

Megan said...

The pictures are beautiful. I think she looks just like you!

The Currie Family said...

Lynsey did a fabulous job (as always)!! Although she did have a pretty good model. I can't believe how big the M looks next to her in pics....when in reality it is so tiny!!

John and Sarah said...

Kirby she is just beautiful!!!! So perfect! Kind of makes me want to have a baby!!!

Marylou said...

I love all the new pics. Your children are so gorgeous.

The Montalbos said...

Lynsey is so good.

I'm with Ave, the "M" pics are too funny, because it looks so HUGE!

Oh, and I think I told both you girls what a challange it was going from 1 kid to 2. I'm told it's not such a big deal going from 2 to 3... but we shall see!!!

Lauren said...

She's so beautiful, Kirby! Her hair is awesome! :) Hope all is well with you!