May 1, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes...

Psalm 8:1&2:

O LORD, our Lord, 

       how majestic is your name in all the earth! 
       You have set your glory 
       above the heavens.

You have taught children and infants

      to tell of your strength,

   silencing your enemies
      and all who oppose you.

Last night after tucking Asher into bed late after HOPE Group we heard him singing this...

"Be lifted higher, be lifted higher, be lifted higher..."* (each "higher" his voice got higher.)

...alternating with this...

"We're singing for the glory of the Risen King! Jesus, shine your light and let the whole world see!"*

over and over...

until we finally walked in his room and knelt beside his bed to worship with him.

*These words come from two Apel family favorites that we sing often around here: 
both by Hillsong.

Asher recommends that you buy them and put them on your ipod.


Anonymous said...

that's so awesome... Asher will be excited this Saturday at church... I won't say which one we're singing (gotta have suspense, right?)... but, it is one of those!!!

Just trying to make Asher love me even more!

The Currie Family said...

That is awesome!! I know God will bless you two for raising Godly children. I LOVE Mighty to Save, it is already on my IPod but I will check out the other one!

ccc said...
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Beggars of the King said...

I am officially linking this blog up...let me know if this is a problem.

-David (from hope group)

Sydni said...

Hey Mrs. Kirby!! This is Sydni and I am still wanting to come hang out at your house and play with Asher and McKlayne!! Call me!! -Sydni