October 7, 2010

Friday Funnies

McKlayne and I were driving in a "scary part" of downtown Bryan.  A man with a red bandanna on his head and huge hoop earrings pulled up beside us....just staring as he's hanging out his window.

I sped up so we didn't have to be right next to each other on the street.  (He was creeping me out.)

In the most excited voice, McKlayne said, "Look, Mommy, a pirate!!"


We were leaving the park last week and Asher was telling his friends goodbye.  He kissed Taylor Joy on the cheek as he gave her a hug (not quite sure how Pastor Allen will feel about that one...) and, not to be left out, Beckett insisted on a kiss, also.  Reluctantly, Asher gave him one.  Except it was on the mouth.

As we were walking home, Asher said, "Beckett, gave me a watermelon kiss.....I can't believe it."

Me: Oh yeah...what's a watermelon kiss?

A: You know, a really juicy one.


We were sitting at the table eating breakfast.

I stretched and said, "Ohhh man, I am tired!!"

McKlayne: You not tired, Mommy.  You Tirby.

(I love hearing her say "Tirby"...)

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