May 31, 2011

This just in....

I've gotten several comments about being intimidated b/c people are too out of shape or it's been years since they've worked out.  If you're in this category, please see Jordan's response below:

Please encourage people, not to be intimidated by the program! All of the movements that we do are functional, so everyone CAN do them. The workouts are scalable, so depending on the person, we can make a movement less challenging or more challenging. Even if you have not worked out in a LONG time, this is a great/safe place to start. We encourage you to listen to your body and become aware of your form and how you are feeling. You know your body the best, so we encourage open communication. We are not a military style boot camp, but we do push you to do your best! Please do not be intimidated. 

Make a decision to treat your body well! There is no better time to start than now!

Who ELSE is coming tomorrow?

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Courtney Griffin said...

Wish I still lived in C-stat so I could come!! Although you did encourage me to get out and exercise with a friend this morning! :) Hope y'all are doing well, we miss you Apels!