October 31, 2011

Pumpkins are not for...

carving, at least around our parts. That's what we learned this weekend.

What set out to be a nice, restful Sunday afternoon of family-togetherness and good ol' fashioned pumpkin carving turned out to be a mostly single-handed effort on Charlie's part. It started out great...children were all fired up about creating their jack-o-lantern designs...

 And eager to cut into the pumpkins that they'd picked out weeks in advance...
Cutting into the lid...that's where the excitement ended, folks.  The smell...that stinky, stinky smell of pumpkin squashed all aspirations of a pumpkin carving tradition in the Apel home.  As soon as Asher took one whiff, he was ready to put the lid back on that sucker and chunk it outside. When we wouldn't let him, he excused himself to the front porch for a few minutes. (Where in the world? I often wonder, do my kids get their theatrics?)

McKlayne tried to keep the festivities alive as she relished in removing the slimy, stringy pumpkin seeds.  I think what kept her motivated was us telling her how tasty those pumpkins seeds would be roasted in the oven with "a great deal of butter" (my kids' favorite "chapter books") and some salt.  But Asher, who had returned from sulking, kept repeating, "I can't stand it...I just can't stand it."

Even my attempt at the festive treats (via here and here) could not distract him...well, they may have...just for a few minutes...but soon enough he was back to saying. "I can't stand it anymore."  When he didn't seem to be getting much of a reaction out of us he said, "What does, 'I can't stand it' mean, Daddy?"
Charlie tried to relay that just how stinky, filthy and foul-smelling the inside of the pumpkin was...that's what our hearts are like to God without Christ...and that only He can clean them out and remove the stench that sin leaves.  Jesus. He's the only one who can cleanse us and purify us before the Father, removing our filth and our shame.  And, even more than that, He gives us a new fragrance...one that is a pleasing aroma to God.

"That smell...it's making me homesick.  I'm just homesick now," is what he kept repeating the rest of the day.  So, poor Charlie was left to carving all three pumpkins by his lonesome, while Asher took deep breaths of fresh air outside...

and while McKlayne played with her "baby sister girl pumpkin"...who was declared "much too plain" without a bow in her hair...and then "nice and fancy" once she wrapped the bow rubberband around her stem.

and while I took pictures of the baby.  He was, as always, such a sport.  He didn't so much as whimper the whole time that he was in that cold, damp, slimy pumpkin.  Our precious Oliver...you are our most patient little pumpkin.

Thanks for all the drama and theatrics that you put up with, from our three little pumpkins, Char.  (And from the Big Mama Pumpkin, too.)  I'm thankful for the way you try to teach our kids through the ordinary and the everyday, even though some days it seems as if it's falling on deaf ears. We love you a whole, stinkin' lot.

Some Pumpkin Carving Remarks:

Maybe next year we'll just paint pumpkins? Anyone have any non-pumpin carving, pumpkin traditions?


K said...

Your sweet pumpkin!!!! What a little doll that he didn't even flinch. We aren't much into the pumpkin guts either... They make my arms itch! still such precious memories with your little ones.

cal+claire said...

That video at the end is adorable.

We don't "carve" the pumpkin, but we "scrape" the pumpkin. You don't have to take out the insides at all, but you draw on your design then scrape off the first layer of pumpkin skin. The under layer is a lighter yellowish orange so the design still stands out! Plus, the pumpkin won't get gross and rot for 3 weeks or more since you didn't cut it open.

(ours went bad because it rained and developed a puddle we couldn't see underneath, but this was almost 4 weeks after "scraping" it)

The Currie Family said...

First of all, we all KNOW who the kids got their dramatic personality from!! ;)

Second, pumpkin carving is NOT a Currie tradition either...it is usually left all up to Brent. I thought maybe when they get just a little older?!?

Third, I LOVE how Asher was more grossed out than princess McKlayne! The boy that EATS a worm should be able to handle anything!!

Fourth, Oliver looks SO BIG in that pumpkin!! and of course the third baby is just the happiest, best baby ever!