December 7, 2011

The Christmas Stories

I can't post about the ways we're seeking to celebrate Jesus and not tell you about the newest addition to our Advent's been a constant in our house the last 2 weeks...

The Christmas Stories by Ross King.  Now, before you dismiss me because you just don't like modern Christmas music...I have a confession: I didn't really either (other than the good ol' fashioned hymns) before this album.  Honestly.  I didn't.

Okay, okay...I may be a little biased.  I do adore his wife and my kids love their kids...but, seriously, even before they were actually our friends and not just "friends of friends", we loved his music. Ross has a way of articulating a point like no one else. His music is beautiful and worshipful, but it really challenges me to reflect on how I'm approaching day to day life and Jesus...and how the two intersect.

His other albums are great, too. Words that Rhyme with Orange is the only kid's cd that is allowed in my car.  So help me...most every other children's music drives me nuts. So, if you need a gift idea for the kid who has everything, this may be your answer!

We've been listening to The Christmas Stories non-stop! We adore it.  Just when I think I've nailed down my favorites I'll listen to the record again and hear lyrics that I'd missed the first eleven times I'd listened to it...then, add a new favorite to the list. This album has really ministered to my soul in a way that it probably wouldn't have a year ago...we've been walking through a heavy season...a good, challenging, sweet, difficult season that's making me long for the Coming Savior like never before.  As hard as it's been, and as many tears that Charlie and I have shed, we welcome that...we long for more longing for Jesus.

Even the kids ask for "Ross King Christmas cd" in their players before they go to bed each evening.

We bought 10 of these cds to give to our family as early Christmas gifts. You can go sample them here and if you like it, too, you can download it from iTunes, if you just can't wait for your cd to arrive snail-mail!

I appreciate "Macy's Day Parade" as it continues to challenge the way we approach celebrating Christ at Christmas, even after all the changes we've made the last few years. There's still so much room for growth, I'm learning...and it takes time to retrain my shallow, selfish thinking.

"My Christmas Eve" is cute and clever and my new favorite Christmas love song.  I love the dynamic duo of Ross and Staci singing playful and fun. "Rise Up" and "Bethlehem" captures the hope and freedom the newborn King those two in particular have deeply touched me. I really could go on and on with each title.  But, you can check out all the lyrics for yourself here.

I dare you to name just ONE favorite from The Christmas Stories!

(If you watch this video in YouTube, you can sample more of his songs in other videos.)


Kyle said...

As one of the 10 families who received this album from you Apels I've gotta say, I just love it! I listened to it 4 times in a row on repeat and I have a new favorite song every time. I can't pick just one favorite. I love "Rise Up". And "Macy's Parade" for it's hard truths. I also like his versions of "Jingle Bells", "First Noel", and "Joy to the World" and the added verses. And "Angels". And "Bethlehem". Did I leave any out?? ;) Seriously though, if anyone hasn't bought this yet, they definitely should!

Megan said...

This album is so.good. It has been on repeat since I got it. Love, love, love! And I can't pick a favorite either... Macy's Parade is awesome but I also really love My Christmas Eve... and all the rest! :)

Ryan and Cate Shipley said...

Yes, we just got this a few days ago and are already LOVING it. I have been listening to it on repeat as well and that's huge for me- I am pretty attached to Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God from about October through January:)
But, THIS will be joining it as one of my favorites- my family will be thrilled for the variety!
My favorite at the moment is Song of's just beautiful.
thanks, apels!!

dayna said...

hey kirby! we love this album...might love it so much that i've had it in my car since last Christmas...never packed it away...year round music cause that's just how we celebrate...year round! ...and, I'm still loving it!