July 28, 2008

I have TWO kids now!

Sorry it's been so long since an update...and I'm sorry that I still haven't returned some of your phonecalls or emails. Chances are, I've started to and somehow been interrupted by one of my two darling children.

Life with two kids has been hectic, but wonderful! These last four crazy weeks have been filled with family, visitors, and less sleep then I've been used to for a little while! My mom was here the first few days we were home from the hospital, and Charlie was off the rest of the week. Then my sisters and their kids came the next week...overlapping one night...6 kids in our house was a little chaotic, but I'm so glad they were all here. It was really fun. Thanks, Mom, Kyle and Ave, for cooking, cleaning and serving us...we love you and don't know how we would have made it (or at least eaten) these first couple weeks without you.

A week ago was my first day alone with just the two of them...two on one. It's been difficult...nobody told me just how hard the transition from one to two would be! Two kiddos under two are definitely different than one energetic 18 month old! There have been times when I've been a bit overwhelmed...and there have been many tears, but we're adjusting.

This week I'm trying to get McKlayne on a consistent schedule. Poor baby...I haven't paid as much attention to her eat, wake, sleep cycle like I did for Asher and we're both starting to feel the effects! I had a stopwatch and timed Asher's every feeding, wake, and sleep period for the first six weeks of his life...with McKlayne sometimes she'll sleep for 4 1/2 hours during the day before I realize it's been that long...then I pay for it at night. So, this week we're concentrating on setting her little internal clock. I'm not super rigid with the whole schedule thing, but can definitely attest to the benefit of it! By this time when Asher was a baby, he was predictable...and I could schedule my day around his feedings...with her, sometimes she goes over four hours without eating and sometimes it's barely been two!

Here are some of my favorite pics over the last four weeks:

How pretty is she?

Our little Eskimo baby.

I love that spikey hair.

McKlayne & Mimi.

Asher with his Mimi.

My boys.

Pop came to visit, too.

Her crooked little nose did straighten out!

Uncle Jo with the nephews & nieces minus the newborns.

Oh, how they love the bath!

Camdyn is 8 weeks older than McKlayne.

Reid, Stella, Asher, & McKlayne.


the arledge family said...

The transition from one to two was so hard for me too! I'm sure you know this, but it definitely does get easier...and having them close together is so much fun once they start playing together! She is so beautiful. I loooove that dark spikey hair!

Anonymous said...

ok, so this JUST showed up on my google reader. Did you really post it on july 28th? I love those 2 babies so much and am very sad that I haven't spent any time with them since McKlayne has been born. But I'm coming this week!
Love you!!

Sarah Shalley said...

so darling! glad to see an update. i'll keep your schedule and your stress level in my prayers.


cate said...

FINALLY..........................! Thank YOU!!! I was dying for updated pics of your 2 precious ones!!
I would like to say..that it's really not fair that a 1 month old baby has better hair than me...i mean really? How can that Be?

They're both breathtaking, best friend! I would expect nothing less from you and Charlie:)
love you!

The Currie Family said...

I agree with Larra that this just showed up on mine too!!

Anyways I love all the pics. You know I think McKlayne is precious....and my how much she has filled out now....especially those chubby cheeks!!

I love the pic with Jo and all the kids!! ;o)

Aunt Rachel said...

I have been WAITING for pics! Thanks. They are both so precious. Enjoy these hectic days because believe it or not you will miss these one day!!! Does that make me sound old or what?!!! Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Am I blessed ? Yes, I have the most beautiful grandkids.I love them all. the pics of baby Mcklayne are darling. When do I get one? Asher-boy,Mimi loves you and I miss our morning walks. Love you all.

The Montalbos said...

Well, you KNOW we think she's just beautiful!!! As is her big bro!

Funny to look back at these (since I just saw her). She's so filled out now!!!

Love all the pics. I need to get copies.

Jessica, Jeff and Logan said...

oh how happy i was to check your blog and be surprised with an update... and two, actually! she is precious... can't wait to see her myself!