December 15, 2008

Is he really ready?

Friday afternoon I was talking on the phone to my sister, when Asher (who was supposed to be napping) walked out to the living room, came right up to me and gave me a big "I'm so proud of myself" grin.

"How did you get out?"

"Climb..." he said, grabbing my hand and leading me back to his room. I put him back in his crib and, sure enough, he climbed back out with no problem.

Ugh...I am so not ready for this. My baby is about to turn two in just over a month...and he's growing up way too fast!

Charlie decided that we should convert the crib into his "big boy" bed that night. So, we did. Char explained to Asher that he'd now be sleeping in a new bed and the "consequences" if he got out.

Well, 3 bedtimes and 5 naps later, he's only gotten out once and received one spanking. We're so proud of him!

The only problem is...he sometimes falls out. His bed didn't come with any rails, so the second night he fell out (onto the pallet we set up by his bed) about five or six times. But he only really woke up once...the other times, when I went in he was already crawling back in, still asleep.

Any ideas? Should I buy one of those rails that you stick in between the mattress and the frame? Or will he eventually learn not to roll out? Come on experienced mothers of "big boy/girl sleepers" I need some help.


Kari said...

Kirby, I always used one of those thingys that you put in between the mattresses. And only about a month ago did I take Kru's down. It's our in my garage if you want it.

The colors of course are bright green and blue which I doubt would match very well and there is a tiny hole in the mesh that I believe a toy shark was once lodged in, but other than that it works.

Let me know if you want it and if you don't that is cool too!

It's kinda sad isn't it when they begin to grow up! :) I mean each stage has its own joys, but when these events happen it just makes their getting bigger harder to deny! ;-)

Grace Family said...

logan climbed out of the playpen at my in-laws and we made such a big "you cannot do that" stink about it that he hasn't even attempted it again. Here's a question for you... If you are going to give him "consequences" for getting out of bed, why couldn't you have just kept the bed as a crib and used those same "consequences" if he climbed out again? I'm just asking...
not judging because I think the big boy bed is precious... but I have stairs in my house so I'm not ready to take Logan out of the crib and have him attempting them in the pitch black of night, so my reason is total "security" concern. but, if you think it's too early to do this, why not just "enforce" the whole staying in the crib situation?

Rachel said...

Josiah started climbing out of his crib right after Annalise was born. Such fun. We just put him in a twin bed with one of those bed rails. I think they eventually learn not to roll out, but I'm of the "use the rail" camp since it can prevent head injuries and fewer sleep disruptions. We got ours at a garage sale for $2.

That's great that Asher has only gotten out once! I hope it continues to be a smooth transition for him.

Kirby said...

Thanks, Kari! I'll definitely let you know once we decide...used bedrails don't bother me.

Jessica, Charlie decided that if we were going to spank him for climbing out of his crib, why not just train him to stay in his less step and we wouldn't have to worry about him falling and hurting himself.

He's done well so far, but if this changes, we're not opposed to putting the crib back up and trying again later!

The Currie Family said...

No advice, just wishing you LOTS of luck!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I am waiting for Treston to do this, but he hasn't yet! And I might keep him in there until he's 5 or learns how! :) Some kids are just better climbers than others. It looks like Asher has skills.

The Kramer Family said...

KK starting climbing out of her bed when she was almost 2 also. I keep waiting for Laney Rae to learn, but she might be a bit on the hefty side:).

I'm a fan of bed rails.

I got one that you can fold under the mattress easily when they aren't sleeping. I didn't want one permanently on KK's bed (because it interfered with our cute Pottery Barn bedding:) so I got one of those at Target I do believe.

They have those "Toddler Conversion Rail Kits" (google it) for beds like the one that you have. But, they are a bit pricey.

Love ya!

Ashers Mimi said...

YES, before he hurts himself.

aggielady02 said...

we sent a bed rail/guard from Asher's registry with Granny Apel to give you when he was born. Did something happen to it?

Anonymous said...

I suggest rolling a blanket about the length of the crib mattress and stuffing under the fitted sheet at the edge of the bed. It might be enough to keep him from rolling out, but when he's awake and it's time to get up he'll be able to climb out easily.

The Heslip Twins said...

Emmy and Caleb have never tried to climb out of their cribs. However, our delimma is getting them to start sleeping in their new twin beds we setup after Christmas. The new baby will be here in about a month, and we don't have enough cribs!

We're going to start with nap times next week, and hopefully they will get the hang of it. We're already calling the nursery the "baby's room" and the new room their room, so hopefully they'll catch on. We'll gladly take any advise on how to get them started sleeping in the new beds! (