January 18, 2009

What's been happening 'round these parts...

As far as Asher is concerned, this first picture pretty much explains it. This kid LOVES horses. And cows. And pretty much any other animal figure that he can line up...but his obsession all started with horses around September.

On Christmas morning, the first gift from his stocking was probably his favorite. A 6-pack of cows that cost $4.99. We could have stopped there and Asher would have thought it was the best
present ever
day EVER.

As soon as the cows were out of their package, he sprawled out on his belly and began to play-completely oblivious to the rest of the living room. Cousins, aunts, and uncles tore through their gifts and were already off to their respective corners of the house, before he even looked up to realize he was the only one left with a pile of unopened gifts and trash surrounding him.

If, Charlie and I were smart, we would have taken half of the gifts and saved them for his birthday to open. Grandparents (we're thankful, but you) REALLY overdo it...we knew that would be the case, so we only bought him two gifts: a toolbench and and a children's bible to use during family worship. (And we LOVE this...this was a recommendation from the Duty's...if you're looking for a children's story bible, this one is so neat because rather than just being "moral" it gives you the "big picture" of God's sovereign plan since creation.)

The following are a bunch (sorry, this is more for the grandparents...I know that a lot of them look the same, but they don't want to miss any move this precious boy makes!) of pictures over the last month of Asher playing with all his animals:

He's so serious when he lines them up...I'm predicting a perfectionist like his Daddy.

Pleased with his alignment.

Finally caught me taking pictures.

The funny thing about all the "line up" is how each horse comes out one at a time-usually from a room on the opposite side of the house. Asher will start with a pile of horses in his room, and bring a horse into Uncle Jo's (my brother lives with us) room, line him up, and then say, "One more," as he holds up a finger and runs back to his room to retreive the next horse. This process continues until each horse is perfectly placed in his spot...everytime.

He's so busy.

One morning I noticed that his nativties were having an "unsegregated" block party...you know, two Joseph's at one nativity, some "Little People" animals at a non-Little People stable...all the same, so perfectly lined up.

(This might be my FAVORITE.) Later that afternoon, I watched as, one by one, the horses found my vintage nativities.

Each horse on his own spiritual pilgrimage to pay their respect.

I love you, SweetBoy. And love how you love those animals of yours.

I hope it never stops.

(Disclaimer: Asher just received a whole lot of attention in this post, but this cutey girl has been busy doing her own tricks, too! I will update more on those soon; for now I will leave you with a few pictures.)


Judy said...

I love your kiddos! I'm looking for a children's Bible for Sadie...the link you had didn't work. Could you email the title? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a funny boy! And still too cute! And..where's the birthday post? If there's not one, then HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY ASHER BOY! If there is one, then I'll comment there too!

Love you!

Marylou said...

Yea for new photos. Asher is so adorable. Happy Birthday Asher boy!

Kirby said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes to our sweet boy! He'll be getting a birthday post soon.

Judy, it's the Big Picture Story Bible. You'll have to look at ours and see if you like it.

Anonymous said...

I love Asher's face in that last post, holding his guitar. Born Country! Ha...

Jennifer :) said...

They are both so precious!

The Montalbos said...

Happy Birthday Asher boy! I'm glad you don't feel any older!!!

Aunt Kyle

Katie T said...

i miss this family :)

Aunt rachel said...

So cute! Reminds me of Austin playing with his horses at that age. Don't you love it when they entertain themselves so well?! Happy 2nd birthday!

the lewisi female said...

Could your family be any more precious?! Our church uses the Big Pic Children's Bible too and it's truly great!
So glad you're doing well!!!

mimi said...

adorable,thanks for the update,it was a two tissue post.love you my sweet Asher-boy. your pretty sweet too ,little miss tricks.can't wait to hug you all.

mapel said...

SO, i almost got to see these guys the other day. Wish we could have come to see you all in McKinney. Love you so much.