July 3, 2009

Sweet Girls!

To my sweet girls:

Nayne, Klayney-bop, Princess, Sister,

I'm sorry if you're a little confused about what your real name is. There are just so many things that we love about you. It doesn't seem like it's been a year already, but it's seems like you've been here the whole time. You have grown up so much. I love how much you love Asher. How you look for him when you wake up. How you squeal when you see him. And how you try to do everything that he does. You are so sweet, yet so sassy. You can definitely hold your own and have earned your Princess title. We pray that you grow to be a strong, yet gentle, pure woman of God. That you delight yourself in Jesus and love people so deeply. We see this at work already.

Happy Birthday, Sweet McKlayne!

Princess, Momma, Sweetheart,

Four years! It's been crazy. Crazy fun. Crazy fast. Crazy tough. Crazy good. I'm so thankful for a friend like you. No one knows me like you. And I've told you how that's the biggest blessing to me. I love that we're so different. You challenge me so much. I know that I wouldn't be the same man without you and you without me. God is so sovereign and merciful and good to these two wretches. I praise Him that He working so hard on us and brings so much peace in the midst of the craziness. I'm so glad I get to go through all of this with you. None compare. Thank you for loving me, serving me and pouring yourself out for our family. I love you, Princess.

Happy Anniversay, Kirby!


mimi said...

God bless and keep you both,sweet girls!

Hendrick Family said...

Holy cow I love you girls!!

Happy BD little beauty and happy anniversary to you bigger Apels.

How fun it is to watch you grow...from silly college students, to fun married people, to precious parents.

Love, love, love you!!


The Montalbos said...

Happy birthday you big (little) one-year-old!

And happy anniversary to her sweet (little) Momma!

Love you both so, so much!

mimi said...

I had to come back and take another look at the little cutie standing on the couch. Wish I was there to squeeze her!!!!!

The Currie Family said...

Can't wait to celebrate your first year with you McKlayne. You are so precious!!

You have two of the most amazing parents! your house is full of loving the Lord. you are blessed!

love you all!!