August 1, 2009

Look who's walking...

McKlayne just started walking today!

She's been taking a couple steps here and there the last few days, but today it "clicked".

Here's a video:

(You can hear big brother in the backround...who's actually on the potty...saying, "I'm ready to walk" and "Good boy, Nayne." ALWAYS has to bevinvovled, that boy!)


mimi said...

look who's walking,good job McKlayne. She gets right up and tries again. Look who's talking! He is sooo funny. He was involved from afar! He cracks me up.

Jennifer :) said...

So cute!! It's a good thing babies wear diapers to cushion their falls, lol! Precious family! :)

The Montalbos said...

Yea McKlayne! So excited to see you walking! (Soon in person maybe?)

I guess I'll talk to your mommy even less now cause she'll be so busy keeping up with you and Asherboy!! :)

The Currie Family said...

I just LOVE the wobbly legs when they first start--soooo precious!! Impressed that she pushes herself right back up.

Funny Asherboy!! These second children will always have to share the spotlight!!

Cami will be excited for the next visit so that they can follow eachother around!

John and Sarah said...

She is precious. Also, you are a hottie! Doesnt look like you ever had two kids!