September 25, 2009

Friday Funnies

I have been meaning to start this for a while now. But, like most things I plan to do, this has taken weeks to months to actually materialize. It is my hope to collect conversations (or pieces of conversations) from these two tiny people who are always making us laugh by posting funny or sweet comments the kids make each week on Friday's.

For the most part, until McKlayne can contribute, these will be from Asher.

Several funny conversations that I can recall over the last couple months:

I made my niece, Brynn, a pillowcase dress for her birthday in July. Asher was my model since they're pretty much the same size. Throughout the project I would try it on him to see what needed to be taken in, etc. The final time I tried it on him, he looked down at himself, took in a deep breath and said, "Oh, Momma, I'm an angel!!" while twirling around in circles. Now, anytime that McKlayne or I am wearing a skirt or dress he tells us that we look like angels. He is really the angel.

Since Heather has completely freaked me out of feeding my kids hot dogs, every time Asher asks to eat a hot dog, (other than at Jason's Deli, since ALL the meat there is nitrate free) I tell him, "No, hot dogs will make you sick." One morning I made pigs in a blanket. When Asher climbed up into his chair and saw what was on his plate, he looked at me, his nose wrinkled in total disgust, "Momma, will this hot dog make me sick?"
M: "No, those are different from the other hot dogs."
A: Very relieved, "Oh, good. Will it make me better?"


About a month or so ago, I had been having a bad day. I was irritable at the kids. Charlie. Everyone. It was a tense day in the Apel home. I was especially irritable at Asher. I had been impatient with him and my tone towards him had been ugly. I had to stop several times throughout the day to apologize to him for "speaking to him in an ugly way." Even after all that, I still hadn't learned. Right before dinner, I was short with Charlie when he asked me a question. Being the wise man that he is, Charlie asked me to pray before dinner (knowing that I needed to examine my heart before I could offer a prayer of thanks to God.) So I started, "Lord, I'm sorry that I've just been ugly to everyone today..." then I hear this tiny little, "Meeeeeeeee!!" I look at Asher and he has one of his hands up in the air as high as he could reach, while his head was still bowed reverently, eyes shut tight. I guess he thought God needed some help in figuring out who I had been ugly to that day. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this point...I think I did both.


A couple weeks ago, I was in the bathroom getting ready.
A: "Whatcha doing, Momma?"
M: "Fixing my hair."
A: "Oh, it's broken?"


The Montalbos said...

SO cute! Good idea too, if I ever posted on my blog maybe I could do this too... ;o)

Clay And Megan said...

Kirby, thanks. I need more cuteness in my days :) Love, Megan (one of the girls in the Countdown group you mentored all those years ago :)

Rachel said...

These are so cute! FYI, you can find preservative-free (no nitrites, no sodium whatever stuff, nothing) at HEB in CS. They are Applegate Farms, The Great Organic Hot Dog, made from grass-fed beef even! Their shelf life isn't very long, but my kids love them and it is a huge help for me at lunchtime.

Kirby said...

Awesome! Thanks, Rachel! My mom is bringing the kids some nitrate-free organic hot dogs that she buys at Costco (I wish we had one here!) but I am super excited that I can get some in this town! I am going to look! Have you ever tried SmartDogs? I haven't...I've just seen them at Kroger.

The Currie Family said...

Super cute idea!! I might have to copy would be nice to have a place to write down all the funny things they do and say!

Dying laughing about the prayer post!! so so cute!!

Erin said...

kirby, can i take you to costco when you come in a couple weeks? there's one 5 minutes from our house. i loooooooove that place... seriously...can i take you? :-)

your kids are so precious. that whole praying story sounds like something that will happen in our house in the you!


Scott Hubley said...

We really enjoyed reading these funnies.....looking forward to when Hannah can talk and amuse us

Brettney and Key Bradley said...

ha-larious!!! oh what kids say...

I will be anxiously awaiting another "funnies" post!!

mimi said...

my favorite is still the ugly day funnie!that's classic.