August 31, 2009

A few of her favorite things...

McKlayne loves...okay, maybe it's more accurate to say that she's pretty much obsessed...with the new purse I made her two days ago. She will not go anywhere without it...outside, her highchair, church, to sleep, (though, this is where I draw the line) the library...nowhere...even when I try to sneak her off without it, she'll catch me, moan and dive toward it.

At Life Group last week, McKlayne started carrying around Riley's purse...and would get VERY upset if anyone tried to take it from her. Since she didn't have a purse or bag of her own, I figured it was time we fixed that.

One of the sweet college girls that frequents our house wanted to having a sewing date last weekend. She worked on a book bag while I worked on the same thing about 1/4 the size of hers for McKlayne.

Here's the entire photo shoot we took today with her new obsession:

What does she carry in her purse, you ask? Her blankie, paci and an occasional play cell phone or set of keys. It cracks me up that she knows to put them in there.

I "heart" this pocket on the front. It's my favorite detail of the purse, but I especially love how her chubby little hands dilligently try to put her paci in that front pocket, but can't quite manage to do it by themselves yet.

I also love how she prissily poises her wrists up in the air...reminds me of my college roommate, Kristen.

Whew. Pooped after all that prancing around for the pictures.

This is so that I don't forget those squishy, chubby rolls or chunky arms that I love to squeeze. They too quickly left your brother, despite how I begged for them to stay. Oh, how I will miss them once they're gone!

What else does she love?


Actually she adores him. But who wouldn't love someone who greeted you with, "Hi, Pretty!" the moment that he saw you every morning? Or how about, "Hey, Nayney! How was your nap? Did you have a good nap, sweet girl?" each time I retrieve her from her crib. I love how his inflection matches mine when he repeats things that I frequently say. (I often hear my echoed phrases throughout this house. Sometimes they're sweet and sometimes I cringe as I'm reminded of how much he's observing and soaking up everything he sees...eager to imitate. This role of motherhood regularly reminds me of the gospel-my sinfulness, the grace I've received and how much retraining I still need!)

How silly it was of me when I initially felt sad for Asher when I first found out I was pregnant with her! I felt guilty that he'd soon be replaced as "my baby". Why do we doubt God's sovereignty sometimes? He would not be the same sweet boy without her. Nor would she be the same prissy princess that we love so much, without him.

Sitting in chairs. There's hardly a Nayney-sized chair that she'll pass up without trying it out. She thinks she's so big and you can tell how proud she is each time she ever so carefully climbs into one.

Straws. She prefers straws over sippy cups because she learned how to drink from my Sonic Lime waters LONG ago. I guess you could call her a straw snob.

She looks like one here.

Her shopping cart. Both my children love this birthday gift that Honey gave her. Both of them will push it up and down the hall, loading it with groceries, dolls, animals or blocks.

Her Fun Flow Sink from Grumpy and Grammy. This is another thing that Asher and her could play with for HOURS! They usually need a bath immediately afterward since our front yard is dirt right now, but it's one of the only things they can do for a long time outside since it's just so hot!

Shoes. I loved these Riley Roos that my mom got her from MamaBargains. They're canvas and leather... so comfy and they go with everything. McKlayne would like some more, please, Mimi.

My sister got her a pair of Mary Jane Crocs for her birthday that are PRECIOUS. They are brown and match mine. She walks over to the shoebox under our bench and retrieves them when I tell her that she needs shoes before she can go outside.

Most days before I have a chance to put her shoes on, she'll go pick out a pair from the shoebox and bring them to me. What have I done? She already loves purses and shoes. Sorry, have some expensive habits to train out of us...I mean...her.

Utensils. Yes, yet another thing to reinforce how quickly she's growing.

And these last pictures are for Natalie...did you ever think she'd be big enough to wear this? I didn't.

Can't wait to see you this weekend, Nat!


Grace Family said...

LOVE this post! And I also really like the hair in a headband in those last few. She is just precious!

I too felt a little guilty when I realized Logan was not going to be my "baby" anymore once Ryan arrived, but I also agree that seeing him be a big brother (in just two short weeks) has enriched his life so much. I look forward to being able to photograph their love for each other as they grow up to be playmates! I hear the same inflections you mentioned... "hi sweet boy"
"oh i know, it's so tough to have your diaper changed"
"i love you, i love you, i love you"

Having siblings is a wonderful thing! Too bad I'm only giving him that one!! :-)

The Montalbos said...

Love it!

The purse is hilarious. What a little Miss Priss!

She is getting too big though. Time for another. ;o)

Hendrick Family said...

Oh my...

How girlie is she?

I love it!

And I know it's so cliche...but seriously...why can't people take pictures of our thighs and say, "I want to remember these?"

Not fair.


Marylou said...

So adorable!
She is quite photogenic, eh?
I especially loved the polka dotted dress.
I love those sweet babies of yours.

The Currie Family said...

oh my goodness I LOVE everything about this post!! She is absolutely adorable.

Cami and Naney will be great playmates because they are both SO girly....except I can forsee Cami requesting a purse of her own (hello christmas!)....McKlayne will request one for her as well so Cami doesn't steal hers! ;o)

And next time I see you I will take a pic of your thighs!

I agree with Kyle, time for another so that she can experience being a big sis!!

mom said...

oooh,so very cute.she is changing so quickly and learning new things all the time. see you soon, love you all.

p.s. i happen to have pictures of your thighs-they are adorable.

Kirby said...

So...Jessica, does this mean you are "done"?

Oh, silly sisters...I can't imagine having three just yet. Give me some time.

And...Avery...thanks for thighs will be forever covered up around you.

Rachel said...

All I can say is "WHAT A DOLL!" P.S. It must be nice to carry off those thighs so well, you wear them well McKlayne.

Jennifer Hubley said...

Your kiddos are precious!

Melissa Terry said...

I love how you captured her essence in pictures and words. She is precious and a joy!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Good gracious, she's beautiful. But who is surprised? My favorite part is how Asher talks to her. Can you believe I felt the same way when I was pregnant with Jax? They are the best of friends! God always knows better.
Love you Apels!

Brettney and Key Bradley said...

Goodness, how DID I miss this post? I was greatly confused when I thought I had read this post. This is wonderful! I love that Asher calls her pretty! You are so crafty- you made an adorable purse!

so the comments your sisters made crack me up. your thighs are perfect.

love you