October 9, 2009

Friday Funnies

Asher has been awfully bossy round these parts, lately. So much so that we call him Mister Bossy Man....a title that he loves. He proudly walks around saying, "I'm Mister Bossssssssy Maaaaaaaan" as if that's his superhero name. McKlayne has started getting swats on her hand for fit-throwing and Asher is constantly on her, "No, ma'am! We don't act like that." Then to me, "Momma, you need to give her a spanking. She's acting ugly. Tell her, 'No Ma'am.' "

Well...that was just background...onto the Friday Funnies.

McKlayne had to get a shot on Monday. Before we left the house I told Asher to pick out some books and pack a few supplies so that he could color, as I explained to him that we wouldn't be playing with Dr. Rusty's toys because a lot of kids have been sick...since...you know...it's flu season...and that the toys might be "yucky." When we got to the office and walked into our room, McKlayne started walking toward the basket of toys.

A: "No, McKlayne. We can't play with Dr. Rusty's toys. They feel sick today. Maybe we can play with them next time, when they feel better."


While buckling McKlayne into her carseat, I hear a moaning behind me. Asher was standing in the front yard.

M: What's wrong?
A: more moaning....
M: Are you okay? (I was thinking...maybe he's standing in a pile of ants....so I turned around in a panic..)
A: The wind...(he continues to whine as the wind blows his hair...he tucks his head down with his arms over his head)
M: Doesn't it feel so nice? I love this wind!
A: No, the wind...it's trying to steal my pretty blonde hair!
M: (trying not to laugh) Why would it do that?
A: Because the wind likes my blonde hair and wants to trade. It's trying to steal my pretty blonde hair!

Apparently all the swooning over his "pretty blonde hair" has gone to his head!


And, I'll leave you with this pic:

This Pottery Barn Kids magazine has been his requested potty reading material this week. Seriously. EVERY time he's sat down on the potty this week, he's asked for it. That's my boy. I'm trying to convince Charlie that it's just all the Halloween costumes that he likes to peruse.


The Currie Family said...

Well Mr. Bossy Pants Man and Ms. Bossy Pants Girl will get along splendidly. Who read Jesse Bear's bossy cousin is coming to visit?!?

Pottery Barn?! What good taste Asher has!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh dang... this is funny. I love the hair dialog. That's really awesome.

mimi said...

he is my superhero!

Rachel said...

Asher is soooo funny, adorable!!