October 30, 2009

Friday Funnies and more...

One afternoon, Asher had asked me to pull his desk out from the wall, into the middle of his room so that he could play it like a piano. (It's been so fun to pretend with him lately as he's beginning to use his imagination.)

A little while later I heard:

A: "No, no McKlayne! Get off the stage! McKlayne, NOOOOOOO!"

M: "What is going on in here?"

A: "I was playing the piano on my stage, and Mr. Aaron was right there playing guitar, and McKlayne came up on the stage and knocked over that lady* that was singing on the microphone."


See this Great Dane? Looks harmless, doesn't he?

A couple weeks ago, we visited my mom and one morning I woke up to some terribly alarming screaming.** I ran down stairs to see Asher clinging to my mom's leg and trembling as he begged Fezzik, "Don't eat me. Please don't eat me, Fezzik."

*Later that night as I tucked Asher in to bed, I asked him who "that lady" was that McKlayne knocked down.

"Umm...it was T-Bear's Mommy and McKlayne made her sad."

**When we go visit my mom, it's mostly like a vacation for me. I get to sleep in while Asher is up an hour earlier than normal because he's so excited that we're at Mimi's. (Thanks, Mom!)

We've missed the last couple Friday Funnies, because we've either been out of town visiting my mom and sister or because we were at a fun Fall Party at our friend's ranch.

Here are pictures from both:

Cami, Brynn, Asher, McKlayne and Chase

Double Trouble.

Blankie Buddies.

Camdyn trying to escape.

All 7 of the cousins.

Now, they're all still.


Poor Reid is still smiling, trying to get a good pic.


From SeaWorld:

Yikes-ugly pumpkin!

Asher was finally tall enough to ride the Shamu Express-that was his favorite since it was a "real roller coaster." We rode it three times!

His favorite show is still the Clyde and Seamore show, and his favorite part is when Uncle Max, the walrus "exercises":

The Fall Party was so much fun! I could stay out at the ranch forever. Melissa had all kinds of neat things planned for us: pumpkin paintings, leaf rubs, decorating cookies, and if all that wasn't enough she made us a yummy lunch and sent us home with goody bags!

Painting pumpkins.

Asher was very serious the whole time he painted.


Ashton was very proud of his pumpkin.

And McKlayne was content with just cheetos.

Megan and cute Sawyer.

How cute is he?

Jisook painting her pumpkin for Jin.

More of serious Asher...

Look at Hayden's painting.

The tots.

Us with Melissa and Isaac. We love them.

Between five families, we had14 kids: 12 boys and 2 girls...What do you get with all those boys?

Some curiosity.

A little mischief.


Lots of cuteness.

So much fun.


Jennifer Bacak said...

Cute pics! I'm just super excited that Asher knows I exist. He's so cute!
jenn (aka T-Bear's Mommy)

The Currie Family said...

Fezzik does look like a small horse.....so for someone coming from a no dog loving family you can't blame him!!

It almost reminded me of you when you told the lady that the dog couldn't come into the Nash's hospital room!! :o)

Cute cousin pics....why is my youngest always naked?? naked and trying to escape!!

Kirby said...

I don't know, Ave, b/c we all know that she wears at least 3 different outfits everyday! You would have thought I would have caught her in one of the 15 I saw that week!

mom said...

so cute- i have the cutest grandpumpkins ever! Kirby, you have it wrong- he literally climbed up my leg, into my arms. i didn't know anyone could do that-but, he did! still laughing when i think of it.

Brettney and Key Bradley said...

Beautiful children and beautiful pictures!