June 11, 2010

Bringing Up Boys

A first happened in my kitchen tonight.

After a rough week of potty training (more on that later)and being locked up in the house all week, Char and Asher went to pick up dinner. And this is the conversation that these two had on the way:

C:  Hey, buddy, do you know where we're going?

A: Yeah. Chick-fil-a. {grumpily}

C:  Aren't you so excited to eat Chick-fil-a?

A: No. I don't want to eat Chick-fil-a.

C: WHAT?! It's your favorite...what if tonight you just eat poop? (see where the conversation goes when I'm not around?)

A: WHAT!?!?!

C: Or what if you just eat worms?

A: Yeah. I want to eat worms.

The rest of the car ride home, he talked about how he wanted to eat worms. As soon as he bounded through the door, he announced that he was eating worms instead of chicken tonight.

Char went out to dig up a worm from our compost pile as I pleaded with Asher about how disgusting it would be and how it would make him gag and throw up.*

My protesting did not phase him.  If anything it only fueled the insanity.

And...so like any good mother would, I pulled out the Flip so that I could record the silly escapade as he chickened out:

I will no longer be accepting compliments from Asher when he tells me, "You're a really good cook, Momma."

(Now, go back to 14 seconds into the video and look at how disappointed Asher's face is when Charlie didn't put the worm directly into his mouth.)

*Charlie has convinced me that he cannot get a tapeworm from eating an earthworm.  Only time will tell.


The Links said...

Wow!! That is so funny!! I literally was laughing so hard I am crying!! And my husband is sitting beside me saying "Did he really just eat that worm??" Too funny!!

The Links said...

Confession....I just watched it again and laughed just as hard.

I wike worms!! Ha!!

The Currie Family said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I CANNOT believe he just ATE a worm!!!!!!! and LIKED it!!!!! Better keep an eye on that kid, he'll be digging in your yard looking for a snack! :o)

Megan said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I am so thankful for only a girl right now.

This gave us a great laugh before bedtime, thank you Asher boy! :)

Miss y'all!

Brettney said...

I really love yalls proactive parenting style. You guys aren't all talk. You DO.

What a good dad Charlie is to go dig up a worm for Asher. Now that's what I call a Hunter Gatherer!!!

I absolutely LOVED this. I am chuckling in bed, hoping to not wake up Brooks.

The Currie Family said...

Brynn's response was "WHY did he eat a worm? Does he like worms? I don't want to eat a worm."

The Currie Family said...

oh and good thing he didn't agree to charlie's first suggestion and eat poop! :o)

Ryan and Cate Shipley said...

ahhhhh! my sweet asher-boy! Worms are NOT For eating!!

haha....he's one brave little boy....

and you guys are brave parents;)

J & J said...

This is hilarious!!!

Rachel said...

I cannot believe he actually ate it! That is one gutsy and determined boy you have there. May the Lord use that determination for great things!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Reminds me of when Matt would eat goldfish and those slimy little fish out of the ocean for money until he was 13, Corey would eat roly poly's and they both always pretended to be dogs and eat out of their bowls! AAHHH the life of little boys :) Take Asher to Petco and you can taste the dog treats for free...they are REALLY good! We did that last summer before Matt left for college..great fun and people stare at you thinking your crazy until they secretly try :)

Love you guys! Debi

Hendrick Family said...

Oh my word! This totally made the family's morning.

The boys were cheering for Asher. I was throwing up in my mouth.

I'm bringing Clorox cleanup to town today and spraying it in his mouth.

This is just the first of many things, just like this Kirby girl!

Love you guys!

the lewisi female said...

Hilarious! Though Charlie did say if he liked it he would get him some more....

Kim said...


"do you need a drink"
"no. i want another worm"

so funny! :)

Melissa Terry said...

Isaac keeps saying "Again mommy, again!"

I say- I better guard our flower beds because I know my boy is going to want to do whatever Asher boy is doing. Scary!

Liz said...

Wow, so glad I have girls.

Nichole said...

Oh man I was sure he was going to back out! What a good little birdie.

mandi said...


hahahaha!!! i loved the "i LIKE worms!"

Anonymous said...

that made me happy

The Montalbos said...

Oh Asher-boy! I love you!

Can't wait to see what kind of adventures you and Nash have when you get together. :)

The Montalbos said...

P.S. Stella wants to eat a worm now too. She keeps saying, "I gonna eat a worm."

Angela said...

Slimy yet satisfying! Love it!

Tweet! Tweet!

Donald and Angela said...

I am way impressed. That is no ordinary little boy!!! Left me laughing out loud for sure.

emily jane said...

oh my GOODNESS. that's hysterical!!!

now i see why he was so excited to tell me on saturday!

and when i told him it was gross?
"doooon't sayy thattt"

....taking offense on behalf of the worm.

oh, i love this boy and his little adventures!!!!
(even when they really are gross...)

The Kramer Family said...

WOWsers! This is so funny! I seriously can't believe he liked his worm dinner.... and it was wiggling right before he ate it.

asher- you are one amazing little boy!

Elizabeth said...

This just proves how much I don't understand boys. I went over to watch the Guilbeau kids today and Nathan and I had a conversation that went something like this:

Me: Let's turn off Indiana Jones and go do fun stuff.

N: No, I want to do BOY stuff.

Me: Well, we can do boy stuff. How about I call up my friend, Trudi, and see if we can go play in her forest.

(Trudi's doesn't work out for the day)

Me: How about we go swimming?

Nathan: I don't want to swim. I want to do BOY stuff.

...I need "boy stuff" ideas. Have any?

Jeremy Tarpley said...


Good job Asher!

Kirby, I'm proud of you for letting him go through with it. Charlie - great suggestion. You two are such good parents.

Elizabeth - boy stuff is easy. Take him exploring in a park or the woods somewhere. Think of something you would normally try to avoid, like frogs or slugs; then make that the object you are searching for.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodnesss. this was hilarious.

he's going to be a brave young man.

love you guys!