June 11, 2010

Friday Funnies

If you've had a week like us (it's potty training week in the Apel home) then you're definitely due for a little humor:

Charlie was grilling in the backyard.

M: Asher, will you take this plate to Daddy?  Ask him if this will work for the chicken or if he needs the cutting board.

Asher opens the back door and holds out the plate.

A: Daddy, will this work for the chicken? Or do you need a diving board? Oh,I mean...do you need a diving board for the chicken? Oh. Whoops. Here we go again. Will this plate work or do you need a cutting board?

I love that precious boy.  I don't want him to ever stop mixing up words....little cutie.


Asher was typing a bunch of keys on my cellphone:

M: Don't you be calling anyone, Mister.

A: I'm not.  I'm just texting.

M: You're what?

A: Just texting.

M: Who are you texting?

A: I just texted Daddy.


I was carrying McKlayne out of church on Sunday morning and felt her diaper.  (Charlie had gotten her dressed that morning and it was a new dress.)

M: Hey, honey, where are her bloomers?

C: I don't know. I didn't see them.

M: Oh.  Nevermind.  Here they are:


The Currie Family said...

Hey Charlie, it's an honest mistake!!! :o)

Jessie Jean said...

Oh Kirby, your Friday Funnies never cease to put a smile on my face!

the groves said...

How funny! Way to go Charlie!! :) I probably would have done the same thing.

Angela said...

Oh my! Seriously laughing at the bloomers! We have done that! ;-)

Three Little Monkeys said...

I've done this twice with Katie, and once was her Easter dress!

Charlie said...

And everyone should know that she had been to the church nursery and was wearing a new diaper when we found the bloomers. So, a sweet worker also knew how awesome McKlayne's dad was, too.