January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kirby!

Happy Birthday, My Love! Like Asher said, you don't look a day over 16. We all love you with all of our hearts!!

No matter what name you're going by, even if it's "Wicked Step Mother," you are always the dearest person to each of us.

Thank you for tirelessly and selflessly giving your whole heart to this family day-in and day-out. It is such a testimony to God's faithfulness to you and to these kids and of your desire and wisdom to submit to Him. Our sweet, brilliant children are who they are because of how God has used you every minute in their lives. And I would be a completely different man without God's work through you, too. You challenge me and teach me so much about loving others — especially these two — almost three — of ours. Thank you for giving me so much grace and filling me in on everything Asher and McKlayne are doing and experiencing and learning. I'm thankful for when you let me know that they've had a hard day and need me to 'let this one go'.

You are such an 'in demand' mentor. I love how you faithfully listen and genuinely love those younger women — no matter what they do {or what they say to you}.

This has been such a sweet year with you — the sweetest. And I look forward to every year after. I am so grateful to have such a friend in my life and a mother to my children.

Happy Birthday, Hobby Lobby Mommy Step Mudder Kirby!


Rachel said...

Happy birthday, Kirby! That video was great, Charlie!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday, Kirby!! You are such a blessing to me! Love you sweet friend!

chelsea said...

Happy Birthday sweet Kirby. I love you so and I hope your day is as wonderful as you are.

Such a precious video. Your kiddos are adorable.

Kyle said...

Awww! Love it! What a sweet and TALENTED husband you have!

Happy burthday dear sister! I love you and hope your day is super special and I can't WAIT to see you (and sew with you) tomorrow!

P.S. My word ver is "packn" which is what you should be doing! ;o)