January 14, 2011

Friday Funnies

Asher was looking at the pile of Christmas cards that we'd received.  He was going through each family, saying, "The Birkenfeld's sent us a Christmas card..." and so on as he recognized each family by their pictures.

A few minutes later I hear a really excited inhale, "Momma! Mary and Joseph sent us a Christmas card!" as he held this up:


One night while I was playing Bunko, Asher's dinner prayer went like this:

"God, will you please help Mommy win her game and help the other mommies to lose? Amen."

I, did, in fact, win a prize that night....just for the record.


We were at the mall and McKlayne spotted a mannequin wearing a big, stuffed coat with a furry collar.

"Oh my! That lady has a cat on her shoulders! Do you see the cat lady, Mommy?"


And...usually the Friday Funnies are reserved for only things that my kids say...BUTT...this one is just way too good, I had to share.  Only because I love this girl so much is this laughable...it still might make the top of my list of most outrageous things said to me during pregnancy, though.  It even beats this comment.

Here goes...earlier this week a college girl was sitting at my kitchen table.  I'm standing up at the counter making my kid's plates for dinner...she is very obviously checking out my growing pregnant body.

CG: Does your butt get bigger during pregnancy?!

M: {Speechless...I wish I could have seen my own face, but I pretty much gave her the, "Yeah, you just said that outloud" look.}

CG: Because, I was just going to say, that your booty is looking cute these days.

M: Ummm....yeah.  Nice one.

Mel, I'm calling you today so you can sing me my favorite pregnancy theme song!

I must add that I feel MOST sorry for my husband when I receive comments like these, because he spends the next several days really trying to overdue it on the compliments.  Sweet thing.


Rachel said...

It's all those squats you've been doing! You look fabulous, if you haven't heard it already today.

Megan said...

No denying whose competitive genes Asher inherited... :)

Brock lives for these Friday Funnies! He is so excited when there is a new one posted.

Sarah Shalley said...

Everything gets bigger! My female students comment on the fact that I have a baby in the front AND IN THE BACK. Awesome, huh?! Thanks for the laughs. I like the card one.

The Kramer Family said...

OH. MY. GRACIOUS. That is so funny.

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard "you look soooo pregnant" by a certain someone in my life, I'd be a rich lady!

Angela said...

Glad all is going well with you guys! I thought about you the other day! We need to see pics of that cute belly of yours!

Noelle Gonzalez said...

Kirby, I don't doubt that you look awesome! I love your Friday Funnies.

Miss you!