September 3, 2011

Friday Funnies: Princess Grapes

We were at Sam's earlier this week and spotted these in their produce section.

Immeditaly Asher convinced McKlayne that we needed these by saying, "McKlayne! If you eat these, they'll turn you into a princess!"

So, they made their way into our cart and, of course, that's all she wanted to eat that day.

That night when our little Sleeping Beauty was fast asleep, we changed her into her Snow White costume.

She walked out of her room the next morning bewildered.  It took no prompting from us.  She knew exactly what had happened....

(Asher, apparently did NOT share in her excitement nor believe it.)


The Lourceys said...

This. is. amazing.

JJB said...

This is the SWEETEST thing, haha, thank you for sharing! She is precious!

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

sweetest video EVER!

and the part where she says,"I don't know...." she says that exactly like her daddy!

i'm curious as to how she stayed asleep while you were doing this???? did you slip her some chamomile?

Princess are such a cutie! We love you!

Claire Elise said...

Kirby, this is hilarious!!

The Currie Family said...

what a sweet princess she is!! I love when she says, "it just happened like that...."

and I love Asher's reaction (or no reaction), what a guy! ;)