June 29, 2012

The nerve...

I hear all kinds of comments when I have both babies in tow but nothing like the conversation that occurred "around" me earlier this week...

A mother (maybe in her 70's) and daughter (in her 50's) pair were behind me in the checkout line at Hobby Lobby. 

"Wow! Look at her, she's got twins! She is busy." 

"I mean...look at how skinny she is."

"We'd look like that, too, if we had two little ones..."

I looked behind me...wondering who they're talking about but wanting to see this skinny-momma-of-twins for myself.

The daughter says to me, " You are so skinny and you BIRTHED TWINS!! It must be because you're so busy chasing them everywhere..."

I look back down at my double stroller terribly confused. The ladies clearly can't see my two babies inside....they only see the back of it. They may be being raised like twins, but it's quite obvious that I didn't birth one of these babies.

I'm puzzled about how to respond. I smile as I'm beginning to get a bit nervous about how I'm going to put an end to all of the undeserved compliments. 

Still trying to figure out quite what to say, I open my mouth to give a response when the mother cuts me off.  "Yes, she may be skinny but look at the dark circles under her eyes..."

(I think my mouth was still open at this point.) That's it. I'm completely speechless.  Is there even a response for this? I turn to my cashier.  Her mouth is now open, too, as she gives me an apologetic look. I grabbed my receipt and walked out as fast as I could.

I'm not sure why I am the one, in those moments, that starts getting sweaty and wants to disappear as soon as I can.

This definitely rivals all of those wonderful comments that people make when you're pregnant.

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Jennifer :) said...

If it makes you feel better, in every picture I've seen of you on here, you always look adorable! ;)

Our younger daughter is 3 months old, and when I was still a couple of months away from my due date, a random lady kept talking about how close I must be to my due date. I tried to smile politely, but she still made a couple of more comments. It sure made me feel glamorous! ;)