September 11, 2008


Several weeks ago, my sisters and I took my mom on a much-needed vacation to the Hyatt Resort in Lost Pines outside of Bastrop.
We pretty much just hung out by the pool all there really a better way to spend vacation?
Here are some pics from the trip:

Cousin Pic (From the left: Brynn, Camdyn,
Reid, Asher, McKlayne, & Stella)

The Newbies: McKlayne & Camdyn
The Fam.

The Tots.

Stella Bella.

The Little Fish...this kid thinks he's about 3 years old when he's in the pool!

Little Miss Drama.

Mimi with the two big girls.

Our second favorite thing to do while on vacation.

How cute (and old-he's a 2nd grader!) is he?
Reid, Brynn, & Asher rode horses! They LOVED it!

They were not happy about having to wait their turn.

Still anticipating the pony ride.


He was so serious...he kept saying, "Neigh, neigh," before he got on his pony, Buddy, but once he was on, it was ALL business. He held on tight and enjoyed the ride.

The End.


The Montalbos said...

I want to pinch those thighs.

sbharris said...

SOOOO CUTE. What a darling family!

Aunt Rachel said...

Great pictures! Beautiful children!

mimi said...

thanks for the vacay,and the memories.we did have you

texasmcvays said...

Okay, I am praying that my 3 girls give me the same treatment you gave your mom! What a blessing I love stuff like that!!!