September 8, 2008

Asher's first hair cut

On our trip to Arlington, McKlayne met a bunch of Charlie's family for the first time. We stayed with Grandma Apel and went to Aunt Jan's for the afternoon to visit with Charlie's Mom's side of the family.

She loved her (Great) Grandma Apel, who had a way of putting her to sleep within about 3 minutes. I wanted to bring Grandma back to College Station with us.

Asher had a first, too...he got his haircut! (Don't worry...just a trim...most of you have seen him since and haven't even noticed.)

Charlie's Aunt Sharon is a hairdresser; we wanted her to cut his hair since we trusted her not to cut off all his beautiful curls.

She trimmed it up nicely, so it wasn't so scraggly anymore. (I didn't realize just how long it had gotten until I looked at these pics!)

Asher didn't even realize he was getting his haircut. He sat very still on my lap and enjoyed his Popsicle the whole time.
Thanks, Aunt Sharon! We'll be coming back to you for the big cut!

Here are some other pictures from our trip:

Sweet (Great) Grandpa Overman...he couldn't wait to hold her!

And Great Grandma Jo...the baby-machine!

Grammy with her two grandchildren!

Asher wouldn't let Aunt Kathy put him down! He loved her!

Uncle Mark

Aunt Jan
...and Uncle Fred!

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