September 18, 2008

He sure loves his sister!

Asher has made such a great transition to McKlayne. He's always wanting to give her a kiss on the lips or on the top of her head...and lately he's been in to giving her long "movie" kisses where he says "muaahhhhhhh" and moves his head back and forth...I honestly don't know where he learned that!

Second to asking for his bottle of milk each morning when he wakes up, the first person he asks for is "Nayne" (which is what he calls McKlayne.) He wants to check out where she is and give her his first kiss of the day.

He's also always wanting to hold her. He's so proud of himself when we let him hold her because he's thinks he's so big.

In addition to all the holding and kisses, he loves to help! He likes to help "burp" his sister as he pats her back and says, "burp, burp, burp", he likes to suck her nose with the blue bulbed "sucker", and he likes to help wipe her hiney when I change her on the floor. His favorite thing to do after I change her for the morning is throw away diapers and take her dirty clothes to the's a great help to me!

But, sometimes he loves his little sis a little too much and it gets him in trouble! No heights can keep him from her.

(I was looking at the other pics I'd taken on the viewer and I look up to find this...don't worry, I stopped him before he crushed her!)

He pushed this toy over so he could climb up and get a good peek at her...and, again, was so proud of himself!!


Marylou said...

I hadn't looked in awhile, and there are so many new pictures! I love Asher and McKlayne so much. It is wonderful to see all the new stuff they are doing. You are a great photog, too!

mapel said...

man i love these kids so much. Asher is getting so big and animated. Mcklayne still looks like an eskimo but i guess that what you get when you mix brunettes together. Love you guys. thanks for the birthday gift!

The Currie Family said...

I love the pics of Asher holding her. He looks so precious, you can just tell how much he loves her. And that girl is getting chubbier and chubbier....LOVE it!

The Montalbos said...

Man! Your kids are really starting to look alike!! (Despite obvious "coloring" differences.)

Love the one where his lips are set and he looks so intent on what he's doing.

The Vann's said...

Your kids are gorgeous. It's no surprise though, they have pretty parents. I love seeing pictures of your sweet family! :)
Have a great day,

4sofar said...

Your new baby girl is beautiful! Congratulations on number 2...welcome to the big leagues...he he. Miss you guys! -Josh & Kelly

Jennifer Bacak said...

These are so great!
It brought back vivid memories of Emma and Jax, so close together. The line between loving and crushing was a fine one. Emma was often poised on top of the Pack n' Play with baby Jax inside it.
Your babies are super cute!
And they don't look related yet. Funny!

The Houstons said...

Hey busy mommma! I tagged you guys on our blog:) hehehehe