December 4, 2009

Friday Funnies

(I am so thankful for these three lives.)

The DirectTv man had to come switch out a satellite this week for us...while we were waiting...

A: Can I watch a show, Mommy?

M: No, the tv is broken right now, honey.

A: Oh. Okay. Tell Daddy to go get his hammer and he'll fix it.


After making a dessert for Life Group, Asher licked his beater clean. He opened the fridge and stuck it on the shelf... "I'm going to put this in here and save it for later."


And...because Charlie and I thought this was hilarious:

He rode in the car for 45 minutes from Cate's back to Grandma Apel's with this blanket on top of his head. He was REALLY disgruntled because the sun was in his eyes...and was glaring at everyone because of it. He, however, did NOT find me taking this picture humorous.

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