December 18, 2009

Friday Funnies

As Asher was getting out of the bath one night:

"Daddy, my fingers are wrinkly like an old man. Daddy, my fingers are wrinkly like you!"

(If he would have been talking to "Momma" this would not be under the Friday Funnies post.)


I'm so thankful that I get to stay home so that I don't miss out on sweet little conversations like this as we're driving around and running errands:

A: Where we going next, Momma?

M: To Miss Jordan's house.

A: What we gonna do there?

M: I need to drop off a christmas card and take her some money...

A: She don't have any money? Is that so sad, Momma?

M: No...she has money. Momma just borrowed money from her one day, when I didn't have enough money with me to pay for something. So she shared with me and now I need to go pay her back.

A: Oh. That makes sense...

I love how your mind is constantly working, sweet Asherboy. I love the heart you already have for people at two years old. You are often concerned about people and their needs. How I pray that heart continues to be compassionate and generous.


And if this picture doesn't make you laugh at what a chunk McKlayne was a year ago than I don't know what will:

(Kyle, I don't know how her and Stella even wore the same dress!! I guess McKlayne was 2 months younger than when Stella wore it...but I compared it to your Christmas card from Stella's first Christmas and it DEFINITELY looked different on those two!)


Jennifer :) said...

Asher sounds SO sweet!

The Montalbos said...

I love that chunky girl!