February 19, 2010

Friday Funnies

A month ago...

about 45 minutes after putting Asher down for bed, we hear a soft, "Help, help, heeeeelp..."

Charlie goes back into his room ready to deliver some grim consequences to playing rather than sleeping.

Instead of cross words I hear Charlie laughing his "tears are rolling down his cheeks" laugh. Charlie tells me that this is how it went down:

A: Daddy, help.

D: What's going on, buddy?

A: I need help...with my pants. {he throws off his covers}

C: What ha-ha-haaaappened? {As he laughs so hard he can barely speak and tears immediately start coming down his face}

A: I'm a cowboy!

C: A cowboy?

A: Yeah, I was being a cowboy. And I'm all tied up...

And this is what I walked in to see:

Sure enough, he had tied a knot (still not quite sure how this happened) and had wrapped the legs of his pajama pants through his underwear several times. Weird, but funny.

And one more thing....who gave this little girl permission to grow up so fast?


The Currie Family said...

Asher is hilarious! I wonder how he managed to tie that knot?!

Oh my she looks like a big girl!! did you make that dress???

Angela said...

What a moment! What a sweet boy you have! and Girl too! ;-)

emily jane said...

that is hysterical!!! oh my gosh i'm laughing so hard thinking of asher and charlie's faces during this convo... oh thats funny.

okay i'm seriously concerned, mcklayne is way too old.
good thing i'll be there in a week so i can see for my self!
can't wait!!!

Garratts said...

I swear I think the first time you notice that your little girl is grwoing up is when you put their hair in a ponie tail.

So I decided I'm just not going to do that anymore.

Blair Beal said...

They are both sooooooo precious!!! Ya'll REALLY need to move closer already!!