February 26, 2010

Snow Day

Our First Snow Day in Pictures:

Just to give you an idea of our crazy Texas weather...this is a pic from when the kids were running around with almost no clothes on while we were sweating planting our very first garden:

Three days later, it snowed.  This was the most snow this 26 year old remembers ever seeing (in Texas) though it was just a couple inches, at most.  We were loving it!

All the kids wanted to do was eat it for about the first 20 minutes.

Asher walked around humming to himself and eating it.

McKlayne walked around yelling, " Hip Hip Hooray!" while eating snow and sometimes a little dirt or grass.

When Daddy got home, we built an Asher size snowman (that was knocked down before we got a picture with him) and the boys did snow-angels.  McKlayne (who'd been out for about an hour was no longer rejoicing.  She was done with snow...as you can hear in the last part of the video below...please excuse the very poor video quality)

After dinner we ate snow cream from snow that Charlie collected from the top of the sheets that were covering our garden.  It was delightful!

McKlayne was worn out by her first snowday:


Brettney and Key Bradley said...

Aww, you guys had so much fun!!! I was grumbling about the snow as I was driving to cs to go to class. But as soon as I saw all of it on the ground, I tried to enjoy it.

I showed Key this post (as i always do) and these were things he said. "oh, mcklayne is so cute, i just want to hug her and kiss those cheeks." and "i want our kids to marry their kids" and "they(the apels) are so fun, lets go live next to them."

of course I agree with all of these comments.

J & J said...

How precious! Your photos are so crisp, too! Absolutely beautiful! You have a lovely family!

Angela said...

Love it! Snow is so much fun! We got a little too!
(Not near as much though...poo!)

Have a great weekend!

the groves said...

Such beautiful children.

I love them so.