May 15, 2010

Friday Funnies: Nursing Home Edition

We've been visiting a nursing home with a few friends and their young children for a couple months.  

Our first visit upon arriving at the nursing home each week is to "the lady in the blue chair".  We follow the same routine each time with Ms. Alma.  As soon as we walk in, we see Ms. Alma in her blue chair, she greets us and Asher runs up to give her a hug.  She lovingly slaps his cheeks so hard with excitement.  (I wish I could have recorded the expression on Asher's face the first time we went to visit this sweet lady. Asher's "What on earth on you doing to me, lady?" look slowly turned into a sweet little sheepish grin as she told him "what a pretty little girl" he was.)

Lately, Asher's gotten so bold as to correct her by saying, "Hey, Lady! I am NOT a girl! I am a BOY!!"  But, sweet Ms. (Hard-of-Hearing) Alma just replies with more hard slaps and, "Yeah, you sure are! Pretty girl!!" 

Same.Routine.Every.Time. (But, Asher hasn't quite figured out that she can't hear his desperate rebuttal.)


I try to "prep" the kids before each visit.  Any time "nursing home" is mentioned Asher immediately says something about "the lady in the blue chair".  I tried to capture the scripted conversation that goes on between us each time we talk about visiting the nursing home, but for some reason it's just not the same when the camera is rolling.  Maybe I am a little irritating with all my prompting? :

Ms. Alma's not the only one who thinks Asher looks girly.  Megan and I were chatting with some ladies while painting their nails.  We were pointing out which kids belonged to whom, when Ms. Mildred cut me off, "Did you say that was your son?  Well, you listen to me--don't you go letting him be a sissy!!" 

I politely tried to reassure her that he was ALL boy but she continued, "Well he may run around and act like a boy, but he looks like a sissy!  The first impression paints a good picture, so don't let him look like one!"  

How do you argue with that?  (Luckily for Ms. Mildred, Megan was painting her nails.)  And sweet Ms. Helen kindly cut in and said, "Well, he sure is pretty enough to be a girl, anyway..."

While visiting Ms. Leona, (who gave us permission to come visit her for "just little while,") Melissa and I were gushing over how great she looked for being 97 years old.  Asher quickly took notice and wanting to be included in praising her himself, walked up and said, "Wow, you have a really great imagination!!!"

After a few minutes of conversation we sensed that it was time to move on, so we started saying our goodbyes.  When it was Asher's turn he leaned in to give Ms. Leona a tight embrace around the neck and unintentionally sent him and Ms. Leona flying across the room in her wheelchair.*  After that, it was, indeed, time to make our exit.


We made our next visit to Ms. Cleo.  (She is definitely one of the kids' favorite residents for her constant "I love you, I love you, I love you's", her willingness to go outside and feed the ducks with them, her continuous hand squeezes and her love for singing songs, especially Old MacDonald. Oh, and McKlayne likes her for her 'pretty necklace(s)'.)  

Last week, Asher picked up her aged hand and brought it right up to his eyes, "Whoa! Those things are WRINK--LE--YYYYY!!!"  Sweet Ms. Cleo just responded with "I love you, I love you, I love you."

(Ashley, what is up with the "dirty" kisses?)

*Disclaimer: No elderly were injured in the makings of this Friday Funnies.


Megan said...

Did I tell you that last week while we were doing nails Asher started coming up to Sawyer and gently slapping her cheeks just like Ms. Alma? It was the cutest thing ever!

And that Mildred is a firecracker, she was cracking me up! And I think you handled the "sissy" incident beautifully!

Angela said...

I love the song! I think my favorite part is the oinks....that boy of yours is just so cute! (and, he is not a sissy!!!!)

You guys have a great weekend!

Brandy said...

This had me laughing out loud! How cute!!!

The Mosiers said...

This post brought tears of laughter and sadness to my eyes! I remember several of these women from when I would go there with Jenn almost every week. I miss going there, I miss hearing their stories.

Thanks for the reminder of how we need to be caring for the elderly.

Miss you guys!

mandi said...

All of this, ALL of this, is hilarious! I love it!

My grandma always says that Levi is "a prissy little thing". WHA???

The Currie Family said...

I loved it all. All of these made me laugh.

Looked like Old McDonald was about to run out of steam for a second there....

The Montalbos said...

Oh my goodness. I can't stop laughing.

Poor Asher-boy! So little to be persecuted while serving! ;o)

Jennifer :) said...

LOL!! That's so cute--I love how he just keeps going on and on with the song! ;)

John and Sarah said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you take your kids to do this. You are so sweet and such a good example. I LOVE YOU!

emily jane said...

oh my GOSH that was hilarious!

i'm probably so late in commenting on this, but man does this make me want to walk through that front door right now!!

ohhh that was funny :)

Madeline said...

lol i'm reposting this on facebook