May 21, 2010

Friday Funnies

 Meet Ryan Price. (Formerly known as "Ry-Ry" to Asher. He recently graduated to calling him "Ryan Price"-most always with his first and last name together.) If Asher were to have one, Ryan would definitely be on his "Top 10 Favorite People" list. Partly because he's an incredibly gifted piano player. And if you know our Asherboy, you know how dear music is to his soul.

Ryan plays the keyboard at our church, New Life.  We've known and loved Ryan for a long time...way back before we were even married he was in our Hope Group as a silly, but thought-provoking college guy.  It's been neat to see how much Ryan has matured (in most areas) and how he loves the Lord with all that he is.

Ryan and his adorable wife Sara have become good friends of ours.  Here they are at Asher's circus birthday party.  (I will post about this soon.)  They kindly obliged to take all the pics for our photo booth.

They are also the ones who took our awesome family pictures when we were originally starting the adoption process (I don't think I've mentioned that yet here on the blog.) The Prices LOVE adoption. (If you're adopting, go check out Ryan's "Photos to Adopt" post here.)   In the last couple months, our plans have changed a bit, as we believe that God is calling us to go the foster (with the intention to adopt) route.  Ryan and Sara are also taking foster training with us right now.  (We should all be certified in June! Woohoo!)

Anyway...sorry....I got side tracked from the Friday Funnies with my long introduction.  Now that you know Ryan and Sara...

A few weeks ago, I was busy cleaning the house while Asher was making "music" back in his room. Since the Hendrick's gave us Hayden's old (complete!) drumset there has been a bunch of music-making going on in the Apel home.  I walked back to his room to return some lost toys, when he was pounding on the keyboard.  He proudly said, "Look, Momma, I'm being Ryan Price."  and this is what I saw:


Anonymous said...

I feel so honored that I was part of the Friday Funnies. Glad to know that Asher loves me so much... I've always worked tirelessly to try to get him to think I'm cool... but, I never thought I measured up. Guess that last photo proves me wrong.
Love you guys...

Hendrick said...

This is hilarious!

Looks exactly like Ryan.


The Mosiers said...


Sara said...

Oh my gosh! That is incredible!! The things that Asher thinks about...he is so witty! I love Asher's love for my husband!

Grace Family said...

That's hilarious!

So I just stopped at the link for Ryan's adoption info, clicked on it and read it all... then I was sad that we wouldn't be able to use his free services, because although we are adopting, we are going the foster to adopt route and there is no request for family photos from those CPS peoples! :-)

After that, I click back to finish reading your post and see that you are now going the foster to adopt route too! How awesome! We are very excited about it too! We will be done with all of our stuff mid summer also! We are thinking that the doors will be open fully come August, just around Ryan's 1st birthday!

Excited to hear about your journey and share in this excitement with you and Charlie... and those sweet babies you already have! Don't tell Asher I called him a baby! :-)

The Lourceys said...

This is awesome!

I can't wait to see the pictures of the circus party, although I've changed Jane's to a garden party but still have all of my circus stuff to use another year, hopefully.

And we're starting the foster (to hopefully adopt) process too! How fun to hear that you're doing it too. I can't wait to read about your journey.

Kelly Owen said...

So funny! Thanks for sharing the laughter!

John and Sarah said...

Thats so awesome that you guys are going to do the Foster to Adopt thing. John and I started our training but then realized we were being called to Guatemala full time, so we are planning on moving there this coming year. I have a big place in my heart for those kids though and hope to do it one day when we get back to Dallas. Im so happy for yall and will pray that it is a smooth process!

Kim said...


mandi said...

hahaha!!! that's hilarious!

i can't wait to hear more about your foster to adopt situation- that is so near to my heart!

Jen @ said...

Such a cute post!

In answer to your question at Tatertots & Jello -- I found the plate for my quatrefoil wreath at Robert's craft store in salt Lake. If you don't have a Robert's near you, I am more than happy to buy one and send it to you.

Let me know if you want me to do that.