March 5, 2010

Friday Funnies

My niece received a microphone for Christmas.  As soon as Asher got the chance to play with it the first thing he said into the microphone was, "Good evening and welcome to New Life. My name is Allen..." 

(but he was cut off by bursts of laughter.  Allen is our pastor at our church-New Life.)


We've had the same DVD playing over and over in the car for the last couple weeks.  There's a preview for Meet the Robinson's that comes on before the show and it is absolutely McKlayne's favorite part of the whole DVD: 

EVERY time she sees that, she giggles, screams and says, "Sorry!!" and then giggles at herself even harder.


If you hang around our house long enough you'll hear an "Oopsy daisy" from one of the kids if they spill or drop something, or an "Oopsy daisy" if they trip or fall.  

The last several days, I've heard  "Oopsy Mickey" or "Oopsy Pluto" or "Oopsy Goofy" whenever Asher makes a mistake.


Megan Sandoz said...

I love Friday Funnies, Kirby, and I am super impressed that you have kept delivering them! Keep them coming. Those kids are hilarious :)

Angela said...

I love the Oopsy guys have such a funny little boy!

aggielady02 said...

These are so cute, because we can totally relate! I love that you are now posting cute things from McKlayne too! Asher on the mic craked us up and I wonder if the oopsie daisies came from Granny Apel, because Cloe spent time there and came home saying it too!