March 26, 2010

Friday Funnies: Restroom Edition Take 2

Remember the last Friday Funnies: Restroom Edition?  This one isn't quite as bad, but it sure did remind of that unforgettable moment when we were in the bathroom stall at church.

We were on our way to a friend's riverhouse last week, and I had too much of my large Sonic lime water (if you know me well, you know this is my most favorite drink. EVER.) and my bladder was about to burst. Asher had to go "tee-tee", too, so we stopped at a restaurant to use the restroom.  As I squatted over the toilet Asher was carefully watching me:

A: Hey, Momma...where is your pee-pee? I don't see it.  Is it missing?

M: Umm...I don't have one.

A: {in a very sympathetic voice with his eyebrows furrowed.} Awww...poor, Momma doesn't have a peepee. I'm sorry, Momma.  Your teetee has to come out of your bottom.  How sad.

(I carefully-and briefly-went on to explain that girls don't have "pee-pees".)

A: Oh! So, only boys have pee-pees? Only boys and Daddies?

M: Yup. Only boys and daddies.


Asher tooted really loud.

McKlayne: That's a good one, Asher!!


Hendrick Family said...

Ha! Hayden was looking at a blog with me the other day. It had a picture of a naked little girl with a heart over her private parts. Okay...that sounds creepy, but you was a friend's blog and her little daughter had just gotten out of the bathtub. Hayden said, "look mom, they put a heart over that little girl's tenders."

In that moment I realized that my sons may not know that girls don't have the same parts as they do...and girls certainly don't call their parts "tenders."

We have some work to do, I guess.

The Currie Family said...

oh goodness!! the explaining starts early!

Love that McKlayne is getting in on the FF!

Angela said...

Oh My! I hope Ava is this funny...
You have me laughing every week!!

You guys have an awesome weekend!

Caroline said...

hahahahaha...! That's too funny.

What am I going to do when my son can talk...oh Gosh.

I'm your newest follower! Love your site!

Us Four & No More said...

AHAHAH! I have a funny story similar to this one. At costco with my kids, had to take both of them with me to use the restroom. As I pulled my jeans down and squatted (public restrooms - YUCK!) my 5 year old son walked up and said "MOM! You have mud on you!!" My little girl replied so simply "No, T! That's not mud - that's just Mommy's FUR!" Silence in the whole restroom for a moment and then giggles erupted. Walk of shame to wash my hands... Kids!

the lewisi female said...

Ok, I was almost crying with laughter at Asher saying "poor mama" and then heather's comment sent me over the edge.... you guys crack me up!

Kirby said...

I know, Linds, Hayden's comment had me cracking up, too!! Poor boys...don't know what's ahead of them...I guess that's good!