March 30, 2010

LimeRicki Giveaway!!

Want a chance to win a free bathing suit?  Heather is having a giveaway over at her blog! If you'd like to enter, go here. If you don't win one, LimeRicki has given her a discount code, too! How generous of them!

I ordered this suit (on the right) from LimeRicki last year and can honestly say ONLY positive things about their suits! They are made well and this year they have such a variety of cute suits!  I loved that my tankini top was long enough to cover up my back and sides even when I was trying to wrangle two kids two years old and under at the pool--that's a lot of bending over--and I did not have to tug my suit in all different directions for fear of exposing someone.

If you are in the middle on what size to order, go with the larger size:  I wear a 4/6  or S/M in tops. I ordered a M top and it was perfect.  (I have to say that I didn't order their bottoms, though. I just used my brown swim-skirt from Target from the summer before, so I can't tell ya how those run...but I do know from experience that they're excellent about returns/exchanges.)

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Brock & Megs Birkenfeld said...

I am seconding the fact that they are so good with exchanges. I am pretty sure I tried on 4 before I found the one that I felt most comfortable in and they were so great about it.