April 2, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'

Last week, a group of ladies and children from church went Strawberry Pickin' at Kings Orchard in Plantersville. 

I had never picked my own (any kind of) produce before, so it was a neat experience.  Between yogurt making, gardening, (have I mentioned that we just planted our first garden? And by we, I mean Charlie.) eliminating most all HFCS foods (we're not CRAZY about it...I just try not to buy them anymore) and picking my own produce, I am feeling awfully "natural"...and loving it.

Look at how beautiful all of this is:

I think they had something like 94 rows of berries!  Right now it's just strawberry picking season, but they grow other things, too.  We plan on going back to pick other berries in the next few months.

It was the perfect day to spend our day...a road-trip with a sweet friend and good conversation...outside on a breezy Spring day...with more sweet friends...picking fresh, sweet fruit...and a picnic lunch before the kids ran out their crazies.

While the boys ran wild...on the quest to pick the most strawberries.

Not quite sure what was going on with the "teams" but anytime Asher is questioned about our trip, he proudly says, "I was on Ashton's team." 

I couldn't quite get it on camera, but for the first 10 minutes, every time Asher picked a strawberry, he would sprint down to me and exclaim, "Momma, Momma! Look what I got! A strawberry!"  (As if we weren't standing in an orchard with 94 rows of strawberries...each time he picked one, it was as if it were the first time. I love this kid's excitement for "ordinary things".)

McKlayne caught on pretty quickly...for the most part.  Everytime she picked a berry she wanted to eat it, rather than putting it in the box..but she was a good litte picker/taster.

Love these two little tots.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of the WHOLE group...this was only that half that got out a bit earlier...then, I guess were too busy picking berries to remember to gather for a group shot.

What I really wished I would have gotten a pic of was the 10+ boys fighting with stick guns and stick swords after lunch.  It was so funny to see all of those boys together-just being silly, weapon-loving boys.  Did anyone get one of those?

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