September 10, 2010

Friday Funnies

As I was going to kiss Asher goodnight before I went to bed, on an out of town visit this summer, I found him like this:

I will keep the owner of these unmentionables anonymous to protect the innocent. But, apparently, these had been in a stack of clean laundry in the room that Asher was sleeping in for the night. I guess he thought they'd make a great accessory!

When I went to ask him the next morning what he was doing with that "thing" on his head, he said, "I was just being an Indian."


Last week we visited the nursing home, and Mrs. M. was the last stop on our in-room visits. She is one of my favorite residents to visit. We were talking about pregnancy and she was reminiscing on her three pregnancies. And then she said, "You don't look pregnant...well, not in your stomach anyway...but your arms sure are getting plump."

Jordan, I guess you have your work cut out for you ;)


Angela said...

Oh my word! You don't look pregnant anywhere! Those old ladies are the funniest (sometimes! ha)

Tell Asher he makes the cutest little "pink" Indian! ;-)

The Currie Family said...

at leat they were clean!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

oh my! well... more push ups it is! haha!